Chapter 21

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"Mr.Night I-" I started but he interrupted me.

"Raine please I'm begging you do not call me Mr.Night, call me Xavier." He pleaded and for a moment I'm tempted to say his name just to see if it sounds as good when I say it as it does when he says it. But I doubted that was possible this man was perfect, inhumanely so. Perhaps that's why he was so terrifying.

"I-I can't live with you." I said with a breathy little laugh, uncomfortably trying to move away from him to put some space between us, but he stepped forward, eliminating any space I managed to create. It was as though he did not understand human emotion very well, to me it seemed like he could not even tell I was uncomfortable. From what I knew of him thus far despite being a little pushy at times, he wasn't the type of man that would purposely try to make someone uncomfortable, or continue doing something he thought made somebody feel that way. 

"Love it's for your safety, that's all, I only want to keep you safe. Raine you're in danger because of me and I couldn't live with myself if something were to happen to you." He said, the look in his eyes softening a bit in a way that seemed almost tender.

"I'm living with Jay, I promise I'm safe." I reassured. Perhaps he thought it was the man who had attacked me come to take vengeance since he had beat him up quite badly. It really wasn't his fault though. He had done a really kind thing by stepping in on those occasions and helping me. 

"Y-you shouldn't feel guilty. It can not be the man that attacked me, he was arrested, I would have been informed if he had gotten bail. It was very kind of you to step in and save me but please don't trouble yourself now. I am very much safe." I told him, attempting to give a reassuring smile but I wasn't sure how effective it was.

"I'm glad to hear that man was arrested, he deserved far worse. But whoever did raid your apartment left that note, clearly it was with intent, and they may be back. In the circumstances that they do come back, surely Jay's home would be a predictable place to look for you." I was about to interrupt him but he continued before I had the chance to do so.

"If that is what you are worried about, then rest assured I would never touch you, not without your consent." He mumbled quietly making my face burn with embarassment. 

"You've saved me twice, I do not think you capable of sexual assault." I muttered quickly, refusing to make eye contact with him. Just because I knew he wouldn't try to molest me, didn't mean I was going to become roomies with him. My eyes widened as I realized he had mentioned the note.

"How do you know about the note?" I asked pressing my lips together as I tried to imitate his probing expression.

"Small town, news spreads." Mr.Night said simply, so fast it couldn't have possibly been a lie. But that didn't change the fact that I could take care of myself, and I had my fiercely protective friends to care for me too.

"You would have your own room, and I promise I won't bother you, you would have complete privacy." He assured.

"No Mr.Night that's not it, I-I just, I can't come live with you. I'm going to be fine on my own, please don't worry about me." I begged, and this time he let my formality go.

"Raine I'm begging you, let me protect you." He says grabbing a hold of my elbows, but I got out of his hold, startled by the sudden movement, I took a step away from him.

"No I-I will be fine, trust me I can protect myself." I said and the look in his eyes told me he was about to argue, but I beat him to it.

"This isn't up for discussion Mr.Night." I stated firmly making sure not to look into his eyes so that I wouldn't coward out of saying the strict words.

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