Chapter 28

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I gulped staring up at Xavier as he looked down at me earnestly, his intense grey eyes filled with worry, as he stood above me.
"I'll be right back love." He said rushing out of the room as he dialled a number on his phone, and I waited sitting in the kitchen swinging my feet. Attempting to decipher his hushed whispers as he spoke on the phone, but it was too quick for me to understand.

He walked back in tucking the phone back into his pocket, he held a huge white comforter in his arms and I stared at him wide eyed as he came closer to me. Gently he wrapped the blanket around me, turning me into a toasty human blanket burrito before he swooped me up into his arms holding my bundled form close to his chest. I let out a squeak in protest, the blanket was going too far, but carrying me was humiliating.
"Xavier I can walk." I squeaked out too embarrassed to look into his eyes, but I could feel his intense gaze burning into me, making my cheeks burn a deep red as the rest of my face flushed. His intense gaze not helping my feverish blush.

"You're sick." He said gruffly as if that explained why he was carrying me like a imbalanced toddler. I stared at him waiting for him to elaborate but as he looked down at me, the sincerity of his eyes had me clamping my mouth shut. Resisting the strong urge to stick my tongue out at him, and then clumsily roll out of his blanketed hold.

"I've called a doctor to come here as you refuse to go to a hospital." He says and my head whips back to look at him, he ordered a doctor to come to his house, of course he was Xavier Night he could probably buy that Doctor, so I stayed quiet instead settling to gnaw on my lip nervously. I didn't particularly enjoy attention of any sort including medical.

"I don't need to see a doctor." I said stubbornly as he gently laid me onto the soft bed, fixing the blanket so it now rested respectably on top of me.
"Yes you do love, I need you to get better and in order to do that you need to see a doctor." He says, and I glare at him, not happy with him making decisions for me, but it didn't seem to intimidate him. A corner of his lip twitched up as he looked at me, and my jaw nearly dropped open, he found my anger amusing.

He grabbed a chair bringing it to the side of my bed, and he sat down, leaning so that he nearly hovered over my face. He tenderly pressed the back of his hand to my forehead, before he shot up from his chair and I gasped, his quick actions nearly giving me whiplash as I tried to follow his running form with my gaze. Out of the room he went, only to come back minutes later carrying a huge white box.
"What is that?" I asked my voice slightly shaky.
"My first aid kit." He responded simply as if it was normal to have a first aid kit the size of a small comet.

He pulled out many medical instruments, many of which I had never seen people apply to the treatment of a cold. I gulped seeing the sharp tongs, and he looked at me confused, before realizing what he was holding and he quickly put it back into the box, walking back to me, holding three thermometers. He ripped them from their packaging, and I stared at him confused, was he going to check his own and the doctors temperature too?

"Open up love." He said holding the three thermometers in front of my mouth and I stared at him wide eyed.
"I-I don't need three." I say my voice cracking slightly the last thing I wanted to do was look like a drooling idiot in front of Xavier Night. Who I quite often made a fool of myself in front of as it was.
"I'm not taking the chance of one or even two being inaccurate, three gives a higher chance of them being accurate." He tells me, his voice completely serious and I stare at him waiting for him to admit he was joking. But instead he just stares at me patiently, and reluctantly I open my mouth, only for him to gently place two of them in my mouth at once. I clamped my mouth shut around the thermometers sulkily.

After a minute he pulled them out, his eyes growing harder as he released a small growl, before placing the third in front of my mouth. This time I didn't protest, his eyes were a darker grey, he was clearly frustrated, although for what I didn't know. He placed the third thermometer in my mouth, waiting once again before urging me to open my mouth to take it out, and his eyes only grew darker as he looked at this one.

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