Chapter 36

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I groaned moving away from the incessant light that tried its best to poke my corneas through my eyelids as I slept. What exactly was the point of translucent curtains, they were sure pretty but were incapable of doing their job. I huffed giving up trying to get back to my precious dreamland and opened my eyes, stretching oddly in the light silk sheets. The deranged cat like stretching wasn't appealing to look at, but sure did get all the kinks out that had developed as I slept with a deadly grip on my poor pillow.

Getting off the bed I tried to blow my wild waves out of my mouth as I walked towards the shower, stomping the whole way there. Of course the day I have no school I sleep in a room with translucent curtains and it just has to be sunny outside. Thunderstorms were much better then sunshine, nothing better then a little lightning to bring a smile to a grumpy person's face in the morning.

I brushed my teeth trying my best and yet failing to not get the toothpaste foam all over my face. I took off my comfy pyjamas shivering as I waited for the water to grow warm. The sweet smell of cinnamon and raspberry filled my senses as I massaged shampoo into my hair, grabbing my loofah to wash quickly. How was it that people stepped out of the shower looking great, I stepped out with eerily red eyes. I really didn't know how to wash my face without getting my raspberry lemon zest face wash into my eyes. Well maybe it was for the best, this way my corneas would smell good too. I towel dried my hair quickly, drying myself before putting on my robe, trying to comb out the tangles in my dark brown hair wincing at the after effects of skipping conditioning.

I hugged myself in the big furry robe, as I walked to the large closet if I could choose one garment to spend the rest of my life in it'd be my fluffy pale pink bath robe. I got dressed quickly, pulling on a comfy grey knitted sweater with leggings before walking out.

I wrinkled my nose as I caught sight of my phone sitting near the top of my bed, a red light flashing from it indicating I had a voice mail. It was probably my parents scolding me for not calling this week. I picked up my phone, unlocking it quickly going to the voice mails, why on earth would've Jay left me a voicemail I would probably see him at the cafe today anyway, Sophie and Jay practically lived there.

I clicked on the voicemail making Jays smooth voice ring out in the quiet room.
"Raine I have to tell you something very important, I want you to sit down wherever you are and call me back when you get this okay, it's really important."

My brows furrowed a nervous fluttering feeling filling my chest as I clicked on Jays contact on my phone, each beep of the dialling making my anxiety grow.
"Hello, Raine." Jay said making me bite my lip at the oddly serious tone in his voice, maybe he was playing a prank on me.
"Hey Jay what's wrong?" I ask quietly.
"Raine where are you?" Jay asks.
"In my room." I answer slowly.
"Raine is Xavier home?" He asks me and I nod before realizing he can't see me piping out a quick yes, my heart nearly in my throat now.
"Okay Raine I want you to sit down wherever you are I have something very important to tell you, so just sit down." Jay orders, and I comply immediately the sincerity in his voice leaving me no space to resist.

"I'm seated Jay please tell me." I beg worrying my bottom lip with my teeth as my heart tries to beat it's way out of my chest.
"Raine, I'm so sorry honey but Cyrus passed away last night." Jay says and my heart completely stops for a moment, my fingers going completely numb as I try to register what he's said.
"Raine I'm so sorry I called last night but you were already asleep, I'm so sorry pumpkin." Jay says but I pay no heed to what he says, Cyrus was gone.
"No you're lying." I finally croak out, my eyes watering slightly as I swallow thickly, Jay was just being stupid, playing a prank. It couldn't be, Cyrus would never leave me, he couldn't, he would never leave Maggie.

"Raine honey I wish I was, but I'm not." He says and the sincerity in his voice makes the dam break, and I can't hold it in any longer years stream down my cheeks as my breath becomes haggard with my sobs.
"B-but how could h-he leave me?" I sob into the phone. A loud sob escapes me as I hear Jay sniffle on the other end.
"He didn't mean to Raine he loved you more than his own." Jay says shakily and a loud sob escapes me. I loved him too, more than I ever loved my own Grandfather.

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