Chapter 34

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"Raine come here." He commanded, his expression completely stern as he stared at me but I shook my head clutching onto the bag tightly peering up at him from beneath my lashes. I took a small step back, the late autumn leaves crunching beneath my feet, the sweet crinkling resounding in the tense frigid air that we stood in.

"You can't do this to me Raine." He said biting into his lower lip in frustration, but he was wrong this had to be done. He was wrong, truly it wasn't his fault, but he would ruin it.

"We bought that cotton candy together Raine and I swear to god if you take another step I will jump on you. I will get the bag, and I will eat all of it myself." Jay yells, taking a threatening step towards me.

"But you always slobber all over it, it's not fun or hygienic to share cotton candy with you. You're incapable of keeping it dry and away from your saliva." I said but Jay lurched forward grabbing the container from me. He smiled at me in victory as he stuck his face in the container making me groan as he tore a large chunk off of the pretty pink cotton candy. The soft blue underneath turning a darker shade from the direct contact with the liquids in his pie whole.

"It's all yours." I say sadly turning away from him but he wraps an arm around me pulling me into him smiling at me hugely. Soggy cotton candy remains showing from between his white teeth making me cringe.

"Roller coaster?" He asks as we walk and I loom at the rickety wooden figure that a small cart ran over carrying screaming children. Every year just before the harshest winter started there was a carnival, with great cotton candy but very unsafe rides. Although the fact that they wouldn't pass any safety check at all didn't seem to bother anyone in town besides Sophie who refused to join us. The rest seemed more then happy to wait in long lines to risk their lives and limbs for a few moments of adrenalin, including me.

In a small town like this a carnival meant most establishments were closed, and yet Xavier had told me he had business to attend to this morning. But even then he had made me waffles before leaving his home pressing a quick kiss to my forehead as he left. The crowd parted as the back of the same well tailored grey suit passed from between them that had pressed against my chair this morning as Xavier set hot Belgian waffles on my plate. People pressed their children behind them, looking at each other with wide eyes as hushed whispers rang through the crisp cold air. What work could a feared business man have at a carnival, I made to go after him, when a smooth male voice stopped me.

"Raine do you think my hips are too wide?" Jay asked and I frowned looking over at him,l. He stared down at his hips his two hands resting on them testing out their expanse before looking up at me with panic filled eyes.
"No of course not Jay." I said straining to look through the once again widely dispersed crowds, cursing my short stature and Jay's odd mind. It seemed he had already disappeared perhaps I was imagining things, but there really was no one else in this town that the crowd parted for, or who was intimidatingly tall and broad and wore well tailored suits.

"I really think they are, maybe that's why I'm single." Jay mumbled, pursing his lips looking disgruntled before looking up at me through those big childish candy apple eyes that made me want to wrap him up into a little box and store him away from the cruel world.
"I think you look great Jay, you're just too much for most to handle, but there's somebody out there for you." I say softly and his eyes brighten as he grins at me stuffing more cotton candy into his mouth chattering happily again, attracting the attention from the people around us.

"Don't these people have lives why are all these imbeciles packed into here." Jay groaned loudly getting impatient after only a few minutes. I tried to slap my hand over his mouth but it was too late. Groups of grumpy impatient people turned towards us, and I gulped as a little old lady let out a loud snarl. Jay was definitely going to get beaten, but they probably weren't gonna let me go unscathed either, after all I was the accomplice.

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