Chapter 29

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"Pass the stuff." Sophie said her face void of emotion, her eyes blazing with rage, and her voice dripping with anger as she spoke.
"Never." Jay answered, his green eyes making him look like a child as he clutched the bag of candy to his chest, wrapping his arms around it protectively.

I let out a loud huff as I watched them act like children, ready to fight to their deaths for candy. Xavier had me under house arrest as according to him the customary three days wasn't enough to get over a cold, no the lethal man after a long heated bargaining had agreed to seven. My friends, being the melodramatic imbeciles they were, had strangely assumed I was dead, and showed up at Xavier's home wailing in distress. Stunned Xavier had let them into his home, and only after much convincing most of which had been done by me, as the other two were too cowardly to speak to Xavier directly, "we" as they called it had convinced him to allow us to have our traditional movie night. These nights fell on no particular date, nor did they represent an occasion but they were our tradition. As often as we could, we would all watch movies together, gorging ourselves on the type of food that a health nut would cringe at the mere thought of.

Jay although had taken it too far this time, hogging all the candy for himself and it was alright when the items in question were simply lollipops or hard candy, but Jay had crossed the line when he snatched the beloved fruit and nut milk chocolate bar from my safe hold.

"Jay put that bag down nice and easy and nobodies going to get hurt." Sophie said, but she was taking the wrong approach.

"Jay, baby we don't want to hurt you, we care about you but now if you don't share those yummy treats with us, we are going to be forced to take action." I coo at him softly and his eyes widen further as he looks at me, and in his eyes I see his resolve crack slightly but he covers it up, clutching the bag tightly to his chest, and as I hear a crack, my eyes widen as I realize he had done the unthinkable. He had cracked the fruit and nut chocolate bar, and I lose it.

"That's enough." I growl out at him, pouncing at my friend who lets out a high pitched shrill scream as he goes tumbling down as I attempt to ensure the safety of my beautiful chocolate as we fall.

"Look what you did numb nuts, you cracked my chocolate." I say my elbow digging into Jays ribs as I lean against him, checking my chocolate for damage.

"Get off of me, I can't breathe." He wheezes out as Sophie joins us, landing intentionally on Jay but kicking my shin in the process. She grabs the lollies from him, and helps me up, before she deliberately lets go of the hard lollies right on top of Jays face, and they crunch onto his face painfully as he lets out a loud wail, cursing Sophie to the moon and back as she cackles gleefully.

I sit leaned against the corner of Xavier's expensive leather couches nibbling on my chocolate as I watch my friends attack each other throwing candy at each other. It was alright, everything but my chocolate could be sacrificed in this bitter battle for revenge.

And that is how Xavier finds us, my two friends rolling around shrieking in cold fury in the midst of a battle for the candy that lay neglected off to the side. He raised a brow as he looked at me nibbling on chocolate innocently as I watched my friends tear each other's hair out, but he knew better than to ask. He walked towards me slowly, leaning down so that he was level with me.

His peircing eyes gazed at me softly and after living a few days with him as a constant companion, I had gotten to deciphering all his expressions as Xavier Night was truly a man of few words. His intense gaze was questioning, worried, I shook my head gently mumbling out a small I'm fine and he visibly relaxes. I hold out a piece of chocolate to him, looking at him from between my lashes offering him a piece of my chocolate delicacy. My eyes widen as he bends slightly, taking the chocolate between his teeth directly from my hand, his white teeth grazing my fingers softly, before he pulls back, chewing my chocolate smugly. My eyes widen as I stare at him, frozen and the corner of his red mouth tips up into a smirk.

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