Chapter 46

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Biting into the inside of my cheek I watch in dismay as the candy apple eyed monster grabs a handful of the flour throwing it at Sophie, who's menacing glare turns absolutely murderous. Getting on the tips of my toes I try to see past the crowd hoping Maggie was making her way into the cafe, but unfortunately she still wasn't back. Our delivery hadn't been right this week, and she'd entrusted the cafe to me while she went to pick up the few items they'd failed to deliver. Although if one were to ask Sophie and Jay they'd say she entrusted it to all three of us, it was as if they forgot they didn't work here. Despite how close we were, when it came to occupation, we weren't a package deal, just cause I worked here didn't mean they did too.

The two had gotten into a fight for a reason they probably didn't even care to remember and were currently horrifying my poor customers. Well at least I'd thought they were, until the supposed poor customers began pulling out their phones and cheering for their favourite of the two. They'd all formed a ring around the two, a seemingly impenetrable one. As much as I'd tried no one would let me through, but Maggie she knew just how to handle this sort of thing. We got many professionals in here on Monday morning nursing their wine inspired Sunday night hangovers, ready to brawl over an accidental shove. As sweet as the lady was the whole town knew not to mess with her when she was mad. Unlike me who I'd thought I'd heard somebody whisper they should just put me in the empty egg box and tape it shut to ensure I couldn't put an end to their unexpected entertainment.

As the sound of the crack of eggs reached me, I pulled up the sleeves of my white fluffy sweater, readying my elbows, beginning to shove my way through the family people. Shouting out apologies and requests to be excused but not stopping for any of the dirty looks thrown my way.

Making it to the front I let out a groan as I stepped into a pile of flour, that was going to be hell to clean up.
"That's enough you guys." I growled irritated at the pair, currently holding each other's shoulders, both trying to push the other, neither one succeeding.

"Stop it now is I will chop off or scoop out your genitals and grind them into our new spring smoothie." I yell, panting for air, my face burning as I seethe. The whole cafe goes completely silent, parents beginning to escort their children away from the crazy barista, mumbling to each other quietly. Jay's eyes connect with mine and I make a grinding noise through gritted teeth, hissing at Sophie for good measure.

"I'll get the broom." "I'll get the mop." They say in sync nearly bumping into each other in their hurry to scurry away from me.

"She's insane." I hear Jay mumble to Sophie as they let their arms drop back to their sides.
"I heard that." I snap making them jump, as they fasten their pace towards the backroom.

Making my way around the flour, and eggs, I make it to the coffee machine, humming to myself as I brew another pot. Turning around to face the few customers left, I smile at them.
"Anybody want a refill?" I ask, and they shake their heads quickly.

Shrugging to myself I turn my attention back to the coffee, inhaling the strong scent of the Arabic blend. I wasn't a huge coffee fan but I'd always loved the smell.

Picking up the bag of icing I raise it to eye level, scrunching my nose in disgust as I see a piece  of long light brown hair on it. Unquestionably Sophie's, while Sophie liked to punch and shove, Jay played dirty and went for the hair. Although that was only when he fought with Sophie, Jay never really physically fought with me all too much, and when he did he knew I'd castrate him if he tried to pull my hair. Or perhaps he was afraid his hand would never come back out, he knew how tangled my hair got. Our fights consisted mainly of ferocious hand slapping, and insults that at the time seemed witty, but after we would turn red when asked about.

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