Chapter 33

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I dashed up the stairs as I heard Xavier open the door. Rushing into my room I pulled it into a makeshift bun I hurried into the washroom, washing my face before blindly stumbling into the closet. I really should have asked Xavier what to wear. I could always pretend to simply be running late if not dressed appropriately. I had used that trick a lot in high school with my parents, I always dressed too casual when they wanted to go out, so to avoid being made fun of I'd pretend to be late. Although I seriously doubted they bought my excuse after the second time I'd used it.

I pulled out a soft cashmere sweater, yanking it over my head before changing into a pair of thick dark leggings. I took a deep breath turning towards the large mirror, giving myself a once over, my cheeks were flushed, my eyes bright with the adrenalin of getting ready so quickly. I let my hair out of the bun watching the brown waves tumble onto my back, I really did need a haircut.

I rushed out closing my door on my way out, trying to quietly make my way down down the stairs. I took a deep breath patting down my sweater before walking into the sitting room from where I could hear deep voices speaking, and the raspy tone of a powerful female voice. Sat on Xavier's large couch were two large men and a stunning women, situated closely to the dark haired man that looked strangely familiar. Xavier stood from his spot making his way over to me. His eyes travelling over me, and he gave me a reassuring nod when I raised a brow.

"You look beautiful." He mumbles in my ear quietly, his warm breath caressing against my skin gently making goosebumps raise on my skin, and I shivered pulling my hands back into the sleeves of my sweater.

"This is Raine, Raine that is Cole, and you may remember James, and this is his wife Alia." James offered me a small smile in recognition, his wife gazing at me curiously, while Cole the auburn haired one with the steely blue eyes simply stared before averting his gaze. The woman was absolutely stunning, seemingly tall with smooth mocha skin and dark eyes, her tight curly hair framing her sharp face. She was dressed immaculately in a pale pink pencil skirt paired with a soft looking white sweater, it was quite obvious as to why her husband couldn't look away from her. I could barely look away from her.

I took a seat on the couch next to the couple.
"Hello Raine." James said to me kindly and I smiled at him mumbling a small hi.
"I'm sorry about what happened to your home." The woman says and I look up, at her.
"Its alright at least no one was hurt." I say quietly.
"Yet." The woman murmurs and I look at her confused, who was going to be hurt, but they simply look at Xavier who discreetly shakes his head at them.

"I've seen you at your cafe before." She says, and I look up smiling at her.
"I work there, for a really nice elderly couple." I tell her and she smiles at me. She turns to her husband mumbling something to him and he grins at her softly. Xavier walks back into the sitting room till he's right in front of me.
"Dinner's ready love." He tells me quietly holding a hand out for me, he helps me up. He tugged me into him and I struggled to not hit straight into his chest, perhaps he didn't understand his own strength. Xavier cocked his head towards the dining room and lead me there by my hand, the others slowly trailing behind us.

He lead us into his dining room the dark oak furniture never failed to amaze me, even though I didn't know much about interior design, I couldn't help but appreciate it. Xavier pulled out a chair for me and I smiled at him in gratitude, settling myself down onto it. He pushed it in after me, before sitting down right beside me. Alia pulled out a seat right next to me, while James and Cole sat across from us, James sweetly stroking Alia's hand. He looked at her with so much love it made my heart clench, they were beautiful together. Xavier passed me the cheesy tilapia knowing well that I loved it, and I smiled at him pouring myself a generous helping.

Cole stared at me intently as we ate, making me slightly uncomfortable. Alia and I chattered as we ate, she was one of the nicest people I had met, and James agreed with everything his wife said. They were such a perfect couple if made me happy just to watch them interact with one another. Xavier grabbed a hold of my hand as we ate and refused to let it go, eventually I had given up trying, at least his hands were warm.
"Xavier told us about the man that attacked you outside of the cafe." Alia says and my mood sobers.

"Yeah it made me reconsider getting self defence classes." I tell her and she opens her mouth to speak but Xavier interrupts her.
"Not like she needs them his nose was just blood and flesh by the time I got there." He says a slight smirk on his lips and I flush at the pride in his grey eyes. It makes a little goofy grin of my own form on my face.

"But if you hadn't gotten there that's just what she would be." A new voice says, and we all turn towards Cole, my eyes wide, my smile having dropped as quickly as it had appeared. Xavier let go of my hand, choosing to grip the edge of the table instead, his hands clenching painfully.

"But I did and she's fine." Xavier growls out, glaring menacingly at Cole, his soft grey eyes dark and stormy.
"She wouldn't be if you didn't happen to be passing by." Cole says sounding strained.
"Do you have a problem with it?" Xavier asks leaning into the table now.
"No it's just pathetic that you do, that you're so caught up in some little girl that you've been ig-" Cole says interrupted by James.

"That's enough Cole." James says putting his hand warningly on his shoulder.
"Get him out." Xavier growls and James gets up intending to haul out Cole but he snapped as soon as James touched him, flinching harshly away from him grip. Getting up from the table, he fixed his collar, taking a deep breath before turning to look at Xavier.
"I'm sorry." Cole says to Xavier sending me a cold glare that has me near trembling, before he stalked out, leaving his plate untouched and the atmosphere tense.

"Are you ok?" Xavier asked turning to me and I nodded my head frantically, the memory of his glare still very clear in my mind.
"I'm fine." I said as he continued to stare at me intently.
"I'm sorry for him, he's not upset with you he just doesn't appreciate my work ethic at the moment." Xavier said and I nodded, was I stopping him from working? I'd thought he went to work regularly.
"I understand." I mumbled.

"We are going to get going." James said, holding a hand out to his wife, he helped her up and then into her coat. Xavier and I too stand up.
"It was really nice meeting you Raine." Alia said pulling me in for a hug.
"You too." I said smiling.
"It was nice seeing you again Raine." James said, walking away from Xavier who I only now realize he had been quietly speaking to.
"Goodnight." Alia said to Xavier and I as they left.

I stayed in the dining room as Xavier locked them out. He walked back to me, setting himself back into the chair beside me, still looking tense.
"I'm sorry." He said again, and I turned to him reaching for his large hand I held it between the both of mine.
"Your night is completely ruined." He said quietly.
"It doesn't have to be." I said softly and he peered up at me from his thick dark lashes, confused.

"Let's watch a movie, oh and ice cream, ice cream fixes everything." I said sliding off my chair and tugging on his large hand to get him to follow me. He didn't budge for a while, but I stayed incessant and finally he caved, letting me drag him into his living room. I deposited him onto his couch and ran away ignoring his calls for me. I ran to the freezer grabbing the lovely tub of Haagen Dazs and two spoons I rushed back. Handing both to him I grabbed the remote before flipping myself on the couch beside him staying silent when he dragged me closer, as I searched for movies. I settled on a promising looking comedy before opening the tub of double chocolate ice cream and handing Xavier a spoon before digging in.

I tried to control my laughter as I sat beside a silent Xavier but eventually it came bubbling out. I laughed loudly, my eyes crinkling and nearly tearing up as I caved in on myself hoisting my knees up, holding onto my stomach as I laughed. I peered over at Xavier to see him staring at me with his mesmerizing silver eyes filled with a heart melting adoration.

His arm wrapped around me and he tugged me into his side, perhaps I wasn't holding the ice cream close enough. I looked at him to see his spoon still bare, unthinkingly I grab it from him dipping it into the tub and holding it upto his lips. He smiled softly leaning forward, wrapping his lips around the spoon before pulling away leaving the spoon clean. Xavier leaned closer to me, pressing a cold kiss to my forehead, that had me giggling and squirming. But unfortunately that only makes him press more cold kisses to my face as his arm tightened around my waist, pulling me even closer. I fought to get out of his hold, away from his cold red plump lips.
"Stop it." I squealed.
"Let go." I said wiggling in his firm hold, but his lips twitched up and he pulled me even closer holding eye contact with me as he leant down closer to me.
"Never." He whispered.

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