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Chapter Nineteen:

                “Relax, Leah, relax,” I muttered to myself. I was in front of the mirror putting the final touches of make-up I needed. The girls had come and barged in three hours ago to get prepared for the homecoming dance at seven and it was just a mere thirty minutes away. They were behind me, putting on their shoes and freaking out as well.

                “Hey, Leah,” Elaine called from where she was sitting on my bed. She was wearing a red dress that was cute and light. It had spaghetti straps—the halter-neck style—and a few ruffles at the bottom, which fit her "sweet" style completely. “Stop worrying. It’s just a dance.”

                “Yeah, well tell that to a person who had already experienced going out dancing,” I whispered but her heightened hearing caught it perfectly clear.

                “Then what about last year? Didn’t you go out with someone?”

                “That was my cousin. You didn’t notice we looked exactly alike, did you?” I said, peeking at her.

                Elaine shrugged her bare shoulders. “The light was dark and I was pretty busy dancing.”

                I rolled my eyes and that’s when I heard three horns blowing. They were here! My heart went into overdrive and I began panicking. Crap, I had to stop being so nervous or else I’m going to ruin all the makeup Sophie had placed on me.

                I heard my mom open the door and greet the boys who were picking us up. I heard my mom exclaiming how cute they were. Way to go, mom, way to go. Not the sarcasm.

                “Show time, girls,” Julie said with a laugh. She wore a short green and silver silk dress with straps. It was half covered in sequins that reflected light around her, making it look like she was surrounded with the light itself. She strutted down the stairs and I could almost imagine Michael gasp and faint at the sight of her. Julie was very beautiful.

                Next to go down was Sophie. She wore a purple mini A-line Charmeuse Dress with ruffle beading and Tennis bracelets on her wrist. Simple, but pretty. They had definitely chosen beautiful dresses; I had to give them that. And yes, Cody must have obviously felt like his feet were knocked out from under him by now.

                Down to go next was Elaine. She winked at us and cat walked down the stairs, all the way to the arms of Simon Nichols. I could already hear conversation start from downstairs. All were a jumble so I wasn’t able to pick up anything coherent.

                “Ready, Tor?” I asked the little redhead beside me. She nodded. Tori was beautiful in a dark blue dress that had a black sash and an embroidered floral skirt. It went against her fair skin in a way that made her glow even more than usual, and her smile more brilliant than ever. She wore heels that were two inches long but that still made her a quarter of Victor’s height.

                “As ready as I’ll ever be,” She then went shyly down the stairs. I peeked and saw Victor looking very breathless at the moment. I giggled and took a stolen shot of him on my phone. I laughed before straightening up and looking at the mirror beside the staircase again, just making sure I didn’t look like an idiot.

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