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Thicker than Blood - Book One (Watty Awards 2012) by thethornsofmylife
Thicker than Blood - Book One ( Ruth
Book One in the Soul Seeker Series. At fifteen Amelia is forced to move in with her birthfather when her mother passes away. A man she's never met before in her life, st...
Ahsoka One Shots by anxiety_banana
Ahsoka One Shotsby S.L. Wren
A series following Ahsoka during her time at the Jedi temple. Lots of family fluff. Her training with Anakin goes beyond the field, showing the behind the scenes of the...
Shoto's Twin Sister by Glitter_Crazy
Shoto's Twin Sisterby Shoto's #1 Fan
NOT AN X READER AND NOT INCEST Might be a bit of an OC x Katsuki Make sure to check out the Scenarios book I have as well! When Shoto and his twin sister Eimi were born...
Falling for Heichou | Levi x reader by Anime_X_Reader
Falling for Heichou | Levi x readerby 💠 Kay-Chan 💠
(Y/N) wanted to be in the scout regiment since she was a kid and she watched as her older brother got killed by a Titan... She seeks to kill off the Titans like her frie...
Pleuvoir | Eric Coulter by punktuations
Pleuvoir | Eric Coulterby punktuations
Highest rankings: #2 in Dauntless #1 in Factions #1 in Jai #1 in Divergent #1in Eric [Previously "What She Felt"] Karoliina Parconn was never one with words...
The Decendent by Leveloneclub
The Decendentby Leveloneclub
In a world of superpowers where 80% has some unique quirk there's no way for Izuku to ever hope to become a great hero without one, even his family thinks so. Izuku will...
A Fake Villain?!- A short BNHA story by anime_fic_writer
A Fake Villain?!- A short BNHA Maze
So. The month is October, and we all know what that means! Halloween of course! With all of the bullshit, the students of UA High School (though mostly one class in part...
Todoroki X Reader  by kaxtsuki
Todoroki X Reader by kaxtsuki
Just a NSFW warning⚠️ You are 20 in this story while shoto is 22 I'm not good a writing descriptions so I won't write one, sorry if this doesn't help at all💀
the mark 2 by JillHigdon
the mark 2by Jill Higdon
this book is a continuation of the mark, 3 years have past, both 24 have gone down separate paths, tharn has made a new software placing a mark on his head to the point...
Coached ➳ l.p [au] by gymnasliam
Coached ➳ l.p [au]by k
[COMPLETED] She used to be overweight, on the verge of diabetes, and she knew it too. What made her change her snacking habits and lazy ways, was none other than her ter...
My Loving Alpha Mate by Xx_zarie_xX
My Loving Alpha Mateby Zarie
They used to hate each other, then she moved away for three years. Now she's back for senior year and everything is different.He is arrogant and cocky. And his name? Cha...
Yandere Hawks X Reader Lemon by Condompuncher9000
Yandere Hawks X Reader Lemonby Symbol of peace
You are trying to become a pro hero like any other person but there is a catch your are mentor hawks is a yandere and things start to get weird and overwhelming
His Abused Mate by Alicia-T
His Abused Mateby L
2# unconscious 2# beat 2# brutal *** Casey is all alone in the werewolf world, the only family she has left is her crazy dad. her mum died of cancer, causing her dad to...
Izuku:thunder clap and flash  by Author-San_
Izuku:thunder clap and flash by Author-San_
Well just have to read the story :P Don't expect an update schedule period. I don't own my hero academia or demon slayer They belong to Kohei Horikoshi and Koyoharu Goto...
No Werewolves Allowed by SweetnessInTheSalt
No Werewolves Allowedby 𝑩𝒆𝒂 𝑻𝒂𝒚𝒍𝒐𝒓
She was weak, a disgrace to the Moonstone Pack. She was lost and rejected by her whole pack, even her new mate. Lila was rejected by her mate, her one and only supposedl...
Everybody's Fool by Babywolf-Lover
Everybody's Foolby E.O Wolf
Summary: Naru struggled with the fact that no one believed in her, and that no matter what she did it didn't matter and wasn't worth it. One day she meets Ibiki Moreno;...
Survival Of The Fittest ~ An Attack on Titan Fanfiction by InsertAliasHere
Survival Of The Fittest ~ An AB
Unexpected friends and tragedy follow Quinn Aaltonen, the descendant of Angel Aaltonen, the man who created the 3D Maneuver Gear. Terrified and too young to enlist, the...
Tera fitoor jab se Chadh gaya [season 2] by pri_div
Tera fitoor jab se Chadh gaya [ Twiny girls
This is story of an strict ips training Commander and a cute funny and lazy candidate 😜😜 Om as a commander and Gauri as a candidate. Let's see what happens in these 11...
Rogue Love  by nightowl7799
Rogue Love by nightowl7799
After years on the run only looking out for herself and one other, Astra must confront her worst nightmare. Not only is she now trapped by the rules of a pack but by th...
Desert Thorn by elphadora
Desert Thornby Elphadora
Since ancient times, the desert people have long been regarded as masters of unarmed combat. The tribal people are exceptionally trained and conditioned to meet any tria...