The Prince's Slave by AliciaRaquel
The Prince's Slaveby Alicia
Marnie Belle Collins was a normal girl with a normal life, except that she is a slave with a vampire master. Her parents were killed when she was young and she was&a...
  • vampire
  • romance
  • warriors
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Warrior Cats: Cleardawn's Silence #Wattys2016 [Book ONE] by beldridge
Warrior Cats: Cleardawn's Silence...by b. eld
#Wattys2016 #feels *BOOK ONE of the CDS Series* *UNDER MAJOR EDITING* *SLOW UPDATES* :-: What would you do if your mother disappeared? What would you do when you suspect...
  • darkclan
  • flameclan
  • iceclan
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Join this awesome, and hilarious book as your favorite Warrior Cats find Facebook!! This is going to be rated PG, for there might be crude words, yet no cussing besides...
  • riverclan
  • warrior
  • destinedwarrior
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Weres by _Manjari
Weresby Manjari
"I won't mind ripping out any guy's heart who so much as look at you in a more than friendly way. You are mine." He turned his head towards her and Marley coul...
  • rogues
  • love
  • killer
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Vermillion & Silver by aneonsky
Vermillion & Silverby Maia Alexander
Selene Lykos is a disgraced princess. She's the last survivor of a murdered dynasty and the rightful Queen, but she lives among her enemies, trapped and with no choice b...
  • war
  • winter
  • power
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Conflagration [A Warrior Cats AU] by soft_kitties
Conflagration [A Warrior Cats AU]by softkitties
An alternate universe of the book series Warrior Cats where Bluefur of ThunderClan leaves her home with her kittens instead of giving them up to stop the evil Thistlecla...
  • alternate
  • warriors
  • fanfiction
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Warriors x (Reader, warrior, OC)✔️ by PanicFallingPilots
Warriors x (Reader, warrior, OC)✔️by PanicFallingPilots
This is a book of warriors one shots. I take requests and I can do OC's too. I do warriors x warrior, warrior x Reader, OC x reader, OC x OC, and stuff like that. So jus...
  • reader
  • catxcat
  • cats
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Warriors: Starlight by Lumari_Midas
Warriors: Starlightby Lumari_Midas
Hi, this is my personal adaptation to the first warriors Arc. It is inclusive of homosexual couple(s), But is not only about it. It will also contain plenty -realistic...
  • warriorcats
  • romance
  • cats
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Ever So Lightly- Book 1 by paisleypikachu
Ever So Lightly- Book 1by Katie Steele
{COMPLETED} The stars disappeared seventeen years ago. A black night sky has mirrored a bleak existence for the people of Auros. The Gifted, humans with unique abilities...
  • epicfantasy
  • highfantasy
  • princess
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Wait For Me to Come Home | Klay Thompson (Wattys 2017) by LoKaNovela
Wait For Me to Come Home | Klay Th...by LoKa
When I'm away I will remember how you kissed me Under the lamppost Back on 6th street Hearing you whisper through the phone, "Wait for me to come home." *** Th...
  • wattys2017
  • basketball
  • warriors
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Alpha's Warrior  by StoriesbySega
Alpha's Warrior by StoriesbySega
**Under Reconstruction*** [Book One in the Alpha Series] The BlackRain Pack is the Warrior Pack. They are the ghosts that protect the werewolf world from rogues and othe...
  • fighting
  • fiction
  • beta
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Percy Jackson Betrayed by seafarergirl
Percy Jackson Betrayedby Kat
When Percy Jackson is betrayed and becomes Alcaeus son of Chaos, he must face many challenges, including facing a past that he has tried so hard to forget. When the time...
  • betrayed
  • percy-jackson
  • rick-riordan
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sweater weather. 「 name that apprentice 」 by fallenfern
sweater weather. 「 name that appre...by ɢʀᴇʏ
  • apprenticetowarriorgame
  • warriorcats
  • cats
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Fall of UnitedClan ~ UC Extreme by UnitedWarriors
Fall of UnitedClan ~ UC Extremeby UnitedWarriors
UnitedClan has turned extreme... ~ Many seasons have passed since UnitedClan first ruled the forest. Icestar's legacy has been passed down from elder to kit, one of the...
  • warriors
  • warriorcats
  • unitedwarriors
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The Kingdom by whisperedloves
The Kingdomby A. S. G.
This is a post-apocalyptic/sci-fi saga about a girl called Aurora Gryphon... Isolated from the world, obligated to follow the rules imposed on her Aurora dreams of the...
  • death
  • utopia
  • secretidentity
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The Long Lost Powerful Storm Princess (COMPLETE)  by Ladyqueen4
The Long Lost Powerful Storm Princ...by 👑KMTEYNG👑
COLD EMOTIONLESS HEARTLESS Dont mess up with her or you will see the real hell... Ranking 1.#62 in Warriors 2.#51 in Warriors 3.#8 in Warriors 4.#5 in Action
  • god
  • forest
  • love
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Half Wylde (Completed) Book 1 by SabrinaBlackburry
Half Wylde (Completed) Book 1by Sabrina Blackburry
*SHORT LISTED* Wattys 2018 Wattpad "Hot Off The Press" featured book April 2018 Thank you @frjohnson for the awesome cover! Wren lived a quiet life in the moun...
  • finished
  • adventure
  • magicalcreatures
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A Shared Heart by JadeDragon24
A Shared Heartby JadeDragon24
Alexis is an 18 year old werewolf unwanted by her mate. This isn't just a story about her rejection or her finding a second chance mate, but about her life in between th...
  • fighter
  • warriors
  • werewolf
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My First Public Artbook (It will be progressive, apologies early!) by AlteredAngel67
My First Public Artbook (It will b...by AlteredAngel67
My first artbook that I have shared. I do apologize since I might not upload often but when I do I will have put a lot of work into it, and I guarantee that you will enj...
  • artbook
  • warriors
depths of WINTER (Branded for Life series) by optimistic_tears
depths of WINTER (Branded for Life...by Andra Kinsley
Him "You are bred to be an Alpha King." Those words whispered to him while growing in her mother's womb. A baby born with one and only purpose. But when a fema...
  • darkromance
  • manipulation
  • villain
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