Trouble (Victorious Fan-Fiction) (Lesbian Story) (GirlxGirl) by SoulessObsession
Trouble (Victorious Fan-Fiction) ( Mono No Aware
Tori and Jade's fights are famous at Hollywood Arts. They fight in the morning, they fight at lunch, they fight in the evening. When they get a drama assignment together...
  • tori
  • girlxgirl
  • romance
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Like Cats and Dogs -Jori by disnickyx
Like Cats and Dogs -Joriby disnickyx
Tori and Jade don't get along. They're always fighting, even over the smallest of things. But then Tori's ex shows up at Hollywood Arts; and he's dating a girl named Mel...
  • jori
  • like
  • victorious
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Eddsworld Scenarios + Imagines by HereComesDatFangirl
Eddsworld Scenarios + Imaginesby ! wooѕн ¡
Have you ever wanted to know what its like to date your favorite characters in Eddsworld? Well, look no further and read this book :D Or not, this book is still garbage...
  • edd
  • eduardo
  • paul
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Charmer Beguiled (Everard Family #2) by greenwriter
Charmer Beguiled (Everard Family Janelle Ruiz
[Highest ranking: #1 in Historical Fiction] "Are you suggesting I find her a husband?" SHE HAS AN EVIL STEPMOTHER... Nearly a spinster at twenty-eight, L...
  • wife
  • friendship
  • tori
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TordTom OneShots by MjelikART
TordTom OneShotsby Bad Coffee
Dom Tord Sub Tom (don't judge) I accept requests (ToriTamara, opposite au and some other au) I don't write Eddmatt stuff.. sorry.
  • bl
  • tord
  • fanfiction
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His Little Devil by SarcasticallyWitty
His Little Devilby Leata
[SECOND BOOK IN THE 'HIS' SERIES] "Of course I'm just like my mother." I roll my grey eyes. "I popped out of her uterus." "Miss Paris!" &qu...
  • spinoff
  • summer-storm
  • jayden
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A Bride For A Merger by SanC-Rylie
A Bride For A Mergerby San Clarke
Allison Diamond is forced to married Christopher Lee as a result of forming a merger between both of their fathers' companies. The merger of the two companies would make...
  • business
  • arrangedmarriage
  • romance
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EddsWorld OneShots Book#1 [Requests ᎾᎮᏋᏁ] by Gam1ngGh0st0
EddsWorld OneShots Book#1 [ ᏩᏥᎾᎦᎿ
EddsWorld OneShots are here! [Requests ᎾᎮᏋᏁ] *Updates: Sometimes Slow/Sometimes Fast* Highest Ranking(s): #9 EddsWorld #9 Edd #9 Matt #1 Bing #64 OneShots #20 Paul #7 Jo...
  • patryk
  • tord
  • tamara
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The new girl ✔ by Og_Granola
The new girl ✔by OGBatMan
~CURRENTLY UNDERGOING EDITING~ jade and Beck had just recently broke up a new girl comes her name aryion what happens when jade starts to fall for her gp warning means g...
  • jadewest
  • andré
  • humor
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Dauntless Devotions by sheo_fourtris_
Dauntless Devotionsby Becky
[I WROTE THIS IN 2013/8TH GRADE DONT JUDGE] What if the ending of Divergent was different? What if there was no Abnegation/Erudite war? What if Tris and Tobias had a cha...
  • bunny
  • divergent
  • four
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Mistreated by ChaoticJinX
Mistreatedby CJ
*EDITING UNDERWAY* This is a jori fanfiction! Both Jade and Tori have had feelings for each other ever since Sikowitz made them go on that little date where they had to...
  • jade
  • jori
  • love
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Red Like Roses (Sequel to Red) by Creation-queen-Tori
Red Like Roses (Sequel to Red)by Victoria Melody Grim
(sequel to RED) Now 9 years old and so close to double digits! Red is smarter than anyone her age and is living happily after the Sakamaki's saved her from the soul suck...
  • vampire
  • red
  • queen
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Love And Hate (Jori) by lgbt_izzy
Love And Hate (Jori)by isabelle
Love is a difficult thing. It can tear you down or build you up.
  • girls
  • lgbt
  • sampuckett
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Camping with Sikowitz - Jori by straight-ntil-mornin
Camping with Sikowitz - Joriby UniCamz'
It's the spring break and Sikowitz is taking the gang to camp in the forest. What will happen when Tori discovers Jade's carrying many secrets behing her strong walls...
  • cade
  • hollywood
  • beck
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Forever (Harry Potter Love Story) by BillyBoySkarsgard
Forever (Harry Potter Love Story)by kelly
''Forever?'' I asked and rested my forehead on Harry's. ''Forever'' He promised. *Year 4-7*
  • potter
  • forever
  • love
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Victorious (DDLG Beck Oliver) by princess_alaze
Victorious (DDLG Beck Oliver)by princess_alaze
Tori has a twin sister that already went to Hollywood arts she is into DDLG and Beck is her daddy he loves her they met on her first day at Hollywood art let's (Jade is...
  • tori
  • beckoliver
  • jade
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EddsWorld Oneshots! (Requests Open!) by Phyclopic
EddsWorld Oneshots! (Requests (ꈍ ꒳ ꈍ✿)
Hahahah, I need to get a life, oh well. Requests are open! Just say what you want :') Am doing Ellsworld too so ye
  • matt
  • edd
  • sinsworld
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With Her | Jori  |1| by MckennaMargaret1027
With Her | Jori |1|by MckennaMargaret1027
UNDER EDITING Tori has a lot of secrets. What happens when Jade and Tori finally admit everything and Tori's secrets are uncovered? Slightly au. Characters are very ooc...
  • jadewest
  • lesbian
  • torivega
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~Eddsworld Imagines~ by Tates_is_an_emo
~Eddsworld Imagines~by Slushieboi
oh boi here I go again with an Eddsworld story that will fail
  • ell
  • eddsworld
  • fundeadkid
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{Ellsworld X Reader} |'·^Our Love, Is The Same As Any Others^·' by Ellsworld_fangurl
{Ellsworld X Reader} |'·^Our HasToManyFandoms
(Y/n) is an average...lesbian...teenager. Yup! A lesbian! She moves to a new neighborhood and finds friends and earns enemy's. .........And lovers! Squak. Yip. Sorry. Re...
  • lgbtq
  • ell
  • tori
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