Practice! by Smut-Account
Practice!by Pleasehelpme86
Jeremy is crushing hard on Christine. Like... HARD! Anyways, like the anxious dweeb he is, he realizes, he is in highschool! He will get laid eventually. What if he make...
  • fluff
  • practice
  • angst
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GirlxGirl Oneshots by Literate-Person
GirlxGirl Oneshotsby Literate-Person
A practice of many delightful oneshots of lesbian love. I would like to use this for writing practice as well as for my readers to enjoy. Oh and I would love to hear fr...
  • newwriter
  • girlxgirloneshots
  • lesbianfiction
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Mr. Right: BoyxBoy One Shots by IxJustxLaugh
Mr. Right: BoyxBoy One Shotsby Holly
I decided to make a special collection of one shots just for my requests on here. Go ahead and ask for your own today!
  • locker
  • gay
  • bites
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How to write a book by Sea_Zoe
How to write a bookby Zoe
My method will help you with everything you'll need in order to write a book or a story. The beautiful new cover is by shining-diamonds! CONTENTS Why this method was...
  • creation
  • assignment
  • project
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Practice *Aubrey Drake Graham* by lovelywildflower_
Practice *Aubrey Drake Graham*by beth
Strippers aren't meant to be sweet, shy college good girls. Rappers aren't meant to fall in love or catch feelings. But this isn't an ordinary stripper. This sure as h...
  • romance
  • takecare
  • aubreydrakegraham
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The Decipher // Fanfic? Random?  (Ongoing) by AyannaWrites
The Decipher // Fanfic? Random? ( Your Fictional Trash
(CURRENTLY BEING EDITED. . . Slowly) {A fan-fiction for my dearest} This story has had a long pause-hopefully soon it will continue. I much rather finish this than trash...
  • mystery
  • emotions
  • fanfiction
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For anybody interested in Wicca! My own personal thought on Wicca, Paganism and witchcraft. Plus it's not just Wicca and witchcraft,but a safe haven for all. You are per...
  • life
  • spells
  • spiritual
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Practice Makes Perfect (Adopted By Fall Out Boy) by unicorns_armpit
Practice Makes Perfect (Adopted unicorns_armpit
Adopted by Fall Out Boy. Maddie spends hours working on her music remixes every day. She got her laptop from a competition, because she cant afford it. Nobody can aff...
  • practice
  • meme
  • makes
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Practicing Deception by -clffoconda
Practicing Deceptionby em ♡
In a town where normality is essential, Marina Desmond sticks out like a sore thumb. It's not because of how she looks, or because of her actions; no, it's because she h...
  • deception
  • crime
  • murder
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South Park Creek smut/Shots And Random Ideas by Rubysupportscreek
South Park Creek smut/Shots And ♡Coolest_auntie♡
Here is here i try to upgrade my writing skills (mostly smut)
  • practice
  • fandom
  • creek
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Gemini's Graphic Entries by geminigraphics
Gemini's Graphic Entriesby Hafsah Ahmed
A book of all my entries for various graphic contests. Enjoy skimming through!
  • graphics
  • entries
  • bookcovers
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 English Learning Tips by r_ruksana
English Learning Tipsby r_ruksana
Many of us want to learn or improve our English well. Especially, in speaking and writing. But we face various difficulties at the time of learning or practicing Englis...
  • speaking
  • english
  • fun
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Can you ever Love a Monster? Loki x Reader by Cutie_pie_Lisa
Can you ever Love a Monster? Neko Uzumaki!
It was a practice at first, but I decided to turn it into a one shot book! Requests are open!
  • songwriting
  • thor
  • fluff
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The Art of Writing: How to Write Bestselling Novels by Cephyr13
The Art of Writing: How to Write B. N. Carman
[New chapter posted every Friday] Would you like to learn how to draw your readers in with your blurb and your opening lines so that they feel they have to keep reading...
  • wattys2018
  • nonfiction
  • creation
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Durarara Oneshots  by EspressoTheDepresso
Durarara Oneshots by Big Ball O' Depresso
So this is just a book full of Durarara (mostly Shizaya) oneshots. Warning, there will be dark themes and sexual situations as well as some fluff. Enjoy!~
  • gay
  • crack
  • funny
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Sherlock's Robot by Unexpected31
Sherlock's Robotby ExpectMe:)
Click this story and trespass a yellow tape that says Do not cross and enter a crime scene like never before doing investigations, being smart and CHUCHUEK Rules are si...
  • imbored
  • mendel
  • wattys2018
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Anime N' Art | #1 by SpiderPrincess
Anime N' Art | #1by Hime | Holding a raffle on In...
[Honestly, just don't go in here. It'll be a waste of your time, trust me] Anime is awesome. Art is awesome. Put them together and BOOM! Awesomeness galore! An art...
  • drawing
  • anime
  • drawingbook
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~Peaches~ by tooyoungforbts
~Peaches~by Peaches
These are just poems I've written. And I guess a couple of them are short stories? Maybe? idk. I hope everyone likes them. Highest Rankings: 5 in #practice 3 in #stupid...
  • stupidthings
  • shortstories
  • stuf
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Progress, short stories & whatnot by Jenna_bb
Progress, short stories & whatnotby Jenna_bb
This is just a book for posting progress on other books and for posting short stories. *art is not mine, found it on Google. if the artist doesn't want me to use it, ple...
  • practice
  • practicewriting
  • shortstory
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❝this is my revival❞ re•viv•al - an improvement in the condition or strength of something. [STARTS ON SEASON 6] [GREY'S ANATOMY] [JACKSON AVERY] [DISCONTINUED] © admire...
  • shondarhimes
  • slexie
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