Flower Crowns ↣ Frerard by heartoutgeoff
Flower Crowns ↣ Frerardby quinn
maybe opposites attract? pastel!gerard punk!frank
  • tattoos
  • frankiero
  • flowercrowns
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The Silver Spooners by whitegirlsass
The Silver Spoonersby whitegirlsass
Privileged. Self-obsessed. Born with a silver spoon in their mouths. The inner circle of Upper East Side royalty. But that stereo-type is only half of the story.
  • nyc
  • new-york-city
  • teenfiction
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The Obsession Of Love by ST0RMYHEARTS
The Obsession Of Loveby STORMY-HEART
Deathly shy girls don't have three things: a heard voice, confidence , and a guy. I didn't expect any of that to change at my new school. But Bastion Welles sees somethi...
  • teenfiction
  • mystery
  • romance
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Click Crew Cliques by Perryisnumber1
Click Crew Cliquesby PerryPizza
Join the Click Crew of Australia in stories based off videos and ideas. New chapter every Thursday.
  • lachlan
  • bazzagazza
  • cliques
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Camarilla by CailinSpraoi
Camarillaby Cailín™
• Camarilla: a group of unofficial or private advisers to a person of authority, especially a group much given to intrigues and secret plots --clique. • Being a person...
  • liar
  • justwriteit
  • want
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A Cinderella Spray by melbastien
A Cinderella Sprayby melbastien
Have you ever wondered what it was like to sit at the popular’s table at lunchtime, being envied instead of envying people? Well, meet Chloe. She’s an average in the sma...
  • cliques
  • spell
  • fairytale
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Firestorm | TBA by jayscitylights
Firestorm | TBAby Jeihan
The only thing worse than a boy who hates you? A boy who loves you. Copyright © 2018 by jayscitylights. All Rights Reserved.
  • hatetolove
  • humour
  • cliques
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Jingle Bell Rock by em-leigh
Jingle Bell Rockby Em
Francesca Larkin had been excited for Christmas since Boxing Day the previous year. When her music class decides to put together a Christmas music show, Fran finds herse...
  • party
  • friendship
  • holiday
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Diary of a Stereotypical Queen Bee by tmm3711
Diary of a Stereotypical Queen Beeby Thais
Claire was the queen. Anyone with more than two brain cells could figure that out. She had an army of girls at her disposal, a closet that rivaled Coco Chanel's herself...
  • queenbee
  • popular
  • teen
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SHE'S POSSESSIVE; When OPPOSITES Attracted by 0Sky_Dragon0
We all heard the story about the boy, the alpha, the bad boy, the millionaire, or the boss who is possessive. How about the rebellious girl who's possessive. Mia is well...
  • highschool
  • cliques
  • girlfriend
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May the Best Candidate Win by destrction
May the Best Candidate Winby 𝐜𝐚𝐢𝐭𝐥𝐢𝐧
An ex-couples rivalry for the spot as student body president becomes even more convoluted when two new, unexpected candidates enter the race. Chloe and Preston team up...
  • badboy
  • comingofage
  • exes
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Unable to Love by StarryGalactical
Unable to Loveby StarryGalactical
High school is a place where either you fit in or don't fit in at all. High school is a place where you learn who and what you are. Cliques are a things. Bullies will bu...
  • romance
  • cheerleader
  • goth
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His New Queen - A Johnny Vincent Fanfic by ThatGrungeWriter
His New Queen - A Johnny Vincent spooky ashlee (˼●̙̂ ̟ ̟̎ ̟ ̘●...
After the drastic events at Bullworth in other words known as "Complete Mayhem" everything has changed with the mention of Jimmy Hopkins. Johnny has finally se...
  • bullygame
  • selfinsert
  • johnnyvincent
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Daredevil Wannabe  by daisyricortiz
Daredevil Wannabe by daisyricortiz
" Dave, do you think I can do 50 dares in 2 months?" I blurted out not thinking what I just said. "Your funny, you wouldn't survive." He said taking...
  • cliques
  • dares
  • wannabe
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BGC LA : Season 2 by SweetTiana15
BGC LA : Season 2by tiana green
bringing 7 bad girls into a mansion in LA to see how their behavior slowly changes
  • fanfiction
  • partying
  • badgirl
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Rants from a Distressed Freshman by Peculiar_Child_13
Rants from a Distressed Freshmanby Logic Logan
Amber Heart is a freshman attending Tomlin County High School, and all she wants to do is figure out how to make it through without any bumps while trying to find hersel...
  • socialmedia
  • realisticfiction
  • love
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dangerous thirst | h.s by sarahxstyles16
dangerous thirst | h.sby Sarah💕
She was an angel that was too pure for anyone to have, except the devil himself.
  • daddy
  • harrystyles
  • harry
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The Populars by Roshuma
The Popularsby Roshuma Florence
High-school (noun): A failed experiment in preparing young people for the adult world. ...
  • school
  • cliques
  • twins
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Deceitful Conspiracies | COMING SOON by lasciviousness
Deceitful Conspiracies | COMING -ˏ`ander´ˎ-
❝ our fate lies in the hands of the things we love, and sometimes the things we love are the things that lead us to the destruction of ourselves. ❞ When Evvie didn't...
  • teenfiction
  • hierarchy
  • lasciviousness
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 ~Bratz Love Story~ by JenniferMGallon
~Bratz Love Story~by 🌺*Jenny Michelle*🌺
Four girls entering the best and most successful high school,Yasmin,Chloe,Jade and Sasha are best friends forever!!!!!!!!! And they're all high school students who are S...
  • singing
  • enemies
  • family
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