ROBLOX Myths x Reader Oneshots by Alpha_Yaoi
ROBLOX Myths x Reader Oneshotsby Sexy Legged G0z
now you can have time with your senpai, and they will notice you but they won't notice me :') anyways i will be there supporting you on your journey finding love with cr...
  • xreader
  • ships
  • mrflimflam
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Dark Queen: The Cybelline Prophecies by dramatictealeaves
Dark Queen: The Cybelline dramatictealeaves
A 21st century covert ops agent, Cybelline found herself transported to a medieval world of magic and war without a clue of how she got there. Fine, she'll consider thi...
  • adventure
  • fantasy
  • spells
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Conspiracy Theories and More by arreagay
Conspiracy Theories and Moreby ?
some conspiracy theories that i listened to shane dawson rant about •first when you search, "conspiracy theories" !!•
  • conspiracies
  • shanedawson
  • weird
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Noli's Revenge [Roblox Myths × Reader] 2 ✔ by Lerinx__
Noli's Revenge [Roblox Myths × 💞🌻💞
This is book 2 from They're Watching ;)
  • myths
  • rm
  • robloxmyths
The Physical Collision (H2Ovanoss) by andreazuj
The Physical Collision (H2Ovanoss)by Bottom Vanoss
[Book 1] BOTTOM EVAN!!! --- Every once in a while a ceremony is formed in every full moon. Humans cheer and celebrate as they drink their red wine with their "alli...
  • depression
  • death
  • h2odelirious
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They're Watching [Roblox Myths × Reader] ✔ by Lerinx__
They're Watching [Roblox Myths × 💞🌻💞
We are always watching Y/n
  • robloxianmyths
  • myths
  • albertsstuff
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The Goddess & The General by thisworldofmine1
The Goddess & The Generalby Overseer
An assassin transmigrates into another world by being involved in a lab explosion. Promising to help situate the body's previous owner's family and gain fame, she has t...
  • romance
  • 1v1
  • fantasy
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Beautiful Fixation  by CrushedViolets
Beautiful Fixation by CrushedViolets
"Darling, this isn't a story you tell children." He leaned into me, his icy eyes blazing as he spoke "I'm not the big bad wolf your grandma warned you abo...
  • hot
  • romance
  • dominance
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Doomsday Idol by thisworldofmine1
Doomsday Idolby Overseer
Lu Feng, a famous genius known as a fool. The only thing he ever did was predicting doomsdays. He died from drinking expired mango & peach juice on top of not sleeping f...
  • comedy
  • sci-fi
  • adventure
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Playing A Dangerous Game by DialngCreatvty
Playing A Dangerous Gameby @TheMightyKeyboard
"That's not something you mess around with." I say to her and she just rolled her eyes. "It's not like he's going to fall for it anyway." S...
  • winners
  • players
  • cheerleader
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The Blues of Atlantis | ✔ by PatriciaElliott8
The Blues of Atlantis | ✔by Patricia Elliott
What if you fell in love with a myth? What if that myth fell in love with you? There was no denying it, Nerina Winters loved the sea and all the stories that went along...
  • newadult
  • marriage
  • fantasy
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The Legend of the Firewalker, Book #1 by SteveBevil
The Legend of the Firewalker, Steve Bevil
Teenagers with supernatural powers. A college town deep in folklore, murder and mystery. A vengeful secret order. And fallen angels with dark and powerful forces that...
  • action-adventure
  • magic
  • fallen-angels
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The Troll Hunter《Norway x Reader》[✔] by pumpkin_orange020
The Troll Hunter《Norway x Reader》[ P U M P K I N
You work as a student journalist in your third of college. You were a hardworking and dedicated student, but maybe a little but too dedicated. One day you and your grou...
  • aph
  • adventure
  • xreader
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Just a Mortal. by DemonLovesHeichou
Just a DemonLovesHeichou
{Bakudeku} Boku no hero Academia Characters : Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugou This story is about one of my most roleplayed plots of bakudeku which is...A Greek God...
  • bakugoukatsuki
  • roleplay
  • katsudeku
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Japanese & Korean urban legends by kagamine_rin13
Japanese & Korean urban legendsby kagamine_rin13
Just a collection about some Korean and Japanese legends ^_^ hope you enjoy reading them!
  • legends
  • asianlegends
  • koreanmyths
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A Dark Imperfection by LaDameBlanche
A Dark Imperfectionby Emma Leech
When her scandalous affair with the most dangerous and twisted man in Alfheim is discovered, Luel’s innocence is taken in more ways than one. Abandoned by her family an...
  • romance
  • faeries
  • gods
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Elements #1 (Jacob black and Oc) by Orange_Wolf96
Elements #1 (Jacob black and Oc)by Jessie
Jessica Rose Swan is the 15 year old sister to Bella Swan, she is the opposite of her older sister in her looks with her strawberry blonde hair, her hazel-green eyes, th...
  • edward
  • sisters
  • emmett
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Scary Facts, Creepypastas, Legends, And Mysteries ✔ by MyAllTimeRomance
Scary Facts, Creepypastas, sk's
A compilation of Scary Facts, Unsolved Mysteries, Urban Legends, Creepypastas and Scary Myths that I saw in various websites. If you're a fan of mysteries and all scary...
  • ghosts
  • facts
  • myths
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A Pirates Dream. by RoseCallisto
A Pirates Rose Callisto
Captain Emmeret Caspian, the pirate devil of the sea stumbles upon the legend of the sirens treasure but when he gets to sirens cove he leaves with something more then...
  • boyxboy
  • boyxman
  • manxman
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BASTET ─ AESTHETICS by mythologeeks
AESTHETICS (noun.) 1. branch of philosophy that explores the nature of art, beauty, and taste, with the creation and appreciation of beauty ─ IN WHICH THE ADMINS PRESENT...
  • gods
  • heroes
  • goddesses
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