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Did I Forget To Mention I Was Undercover. by Sarah1821Lane
Did I Forget To Mention I Was Unde...by Sarah Lane
Everyone has a secret they keep from people...Well mine is that I'm an teenage agent for the CIA. When Penelope and her fake family get put undercover to protect a rich...
  • actionpacked
  • humor
  • lovetriangle
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I'm An Assassin, Not Your Mate. by lassicot
I'm An Assassin, Not Your Mate.by Leah
I'm usually sent to kill someone, but now I'm being sent to protect someone instead. Not just anyone, my mate. But he can't know the reason I'm here and after it's all o...
  • assassin
  • alpha
  • mates
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The 6 Greatest Errors of All Time | ongoing by Minna_A2
The 6 Greatest Errors of All Time...by ˗ˏˋ M I N N A ˎˊ˗
━ Highest Rank #1 in Hacking/ Espionage 09.17.18 On the surface, everyone's familiar with what the media tells you regarding espionage, intelligence agencies, mafias, ga...
  • writteninaction
  • badass
  • death
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Undercover Lover (Finished) by sherlockedd
Undercover Lover (Finished)by sherlockedd
Sandra works for MI6. She has been assigned her first mission and expects to be thrown into a world of darkness and peril. What she gets is the complete opposite, so to...
  • action
  • agents
  • love
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Just Undercover ✔️ by 94sMixtape
Just Undercover ✔️by •Lorna•
Highest Ranks: |Mystery/Thriller #1| |Action #3| I was trained my whole life to disarm a grown man using nothing but a credit card, nail files, and a sock if I'm lucky...
  • fashion
  • first
  • spies
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The Perfect Crime by misguided_thoughts
The Perfect Crimeby Dee
The world's clumsiest girl and the world's first class spy? They should never cross paths. But, somehow, Olivia and Will are stuck together if they want to go home and t...
  • perfect
  • scotland
  • happy
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Brainwashed Spy by DawnGirl_Wolf
Brainwashed Spyby DawnGirl_Wolf
When school finished and summer began Tyler had it all planned out, she thought this was the year she will have the best summer ever but nothing ever goes to plan does i...
  • friends
  • bosses
  • mission
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Astoria by titanically-
Astoriaby Mic
M E R E D I T H is a princess without a country. Her family, formerly the royal family of Borgavia, has been exiled from their home, forced to live under the rule of the...
  • family
  • royalty
  • conspiracy
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Pretending You're Mine (Heroic Rogue Series - book 1) by MarieHiggins
Pretending You're Mine (Heroic Rog...by Marie Higgins
Mercedes Maxwell is devastated when her twin sister is driven to take her own life by none other than her husband, William Braxton. Determined to make her brother-in-law...
  • heartbreak
  • fiction
  • historical
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Pretty Lies; Grayson Dolan by obsvssed
Pretty Lies; Grayson Dolanby ✨
Tell me that you love me, even if it's fake. Currently writing.
  • graysondolan
  • love
  • dolantwins
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Eyes by AlexaRomanov
Eyesby Alexa
"Agent Murray." "Yes, sir." "Report to the jet in exactly five minutes." And then he hung up. "That was really... short," Max wh...
  • romance
  • badass
  • spy
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Legacy by AlexaRomanov
Legacyby Alexa
"You should know," Sophia tells him, "it'll take more than six walls to hold me." "Six?" he looks at her as if she has said something com...
  • spy
  • series
  • action
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The Twilight Prince by ANWheeler
The Twilight Princeby Andrew Wheeler
What happens when your fairy godmother and your commanding officer don't see eye to eye? Ben Frazer frets about exams, university, and finding a boyfriend, but he has a...
  • fey
  • magic
  • fantasy
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Tessa's spy by JanVanEngen
Tessa's spyby Jan Maree
Nakia Azeem was sent in to infiltrate the owners of the Grandchester hotels through Tessa Chesterfield. Fresh out of the field, he is dragged back into his old life. Get...
  • australia
  • lies
  • inhertiance
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Five Spies: One Direction by 1dream41d
Five Spies: One Directionby Andrea
One Direction. You know the name, you know the boys. Now experience One Direction like never before. What happens when the only people who can help stop the world from c...
  • niall
  • harry
  • louis
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🔫 Agent Zero ~ [BTS]  ~ ✍ by wisren
🔫 Agent Zero ~ [BTS] ~ ✍by 😈Champichan🔪
A female Teenager Secret Agent ,who is South-Korean/British, was sent to Korea with multiple different missions ,or what they like to call it, an 'exchange program'. Aft...
  • rm
  • minyoongi
  • rapmonster
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Game of Secrets and Shadows (Book One in the Covert Operations series) by DelaneyBrenna
Game of Secrets and Shadows (Book...by Delaney Brenna
Previously titled 'Covert Love Melanie Clarke was ready for the world. Whatever it wanted to throw at her, let it come. With years of covert operations training under...
  • guns
  • danger
  • fear
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Dance of Deceit- an Elizabethan romance by LizKeysian1
Dance of Deceit- an Elizabethan ro...by Elizabeth Keysian
Mistress Alys is intrigued by the handsome gardener employed by her cousin Kate. Certain there's more to him than meets the eye, Alys becomes ensnared in a tangle of spy...
  • elizabethan
  • intrigue
  • adventure
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Budapest by runningfree2
Budapestby runningfree2
Before SHIELD, Natasha and Clint tried to kill each other. Natasha works for the KGB, hunting down HYDRA traitors in the system. When she's assigned a job at the Russian...
  • hawkeye
  • natasharomanoff
  • teenfiction
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The Soviet Spider: Black Widow by AlpadiaZug
The Soviet Spider: Black Widowby AlpadiaZug
"Repeat after me: For Russia!" "FOR RUSSIA!" "To die is to gain!" "TO DIE IS TO GAIN!" "To live is for glory!" "TO...
  • wintersoldier
  • natasharomanoff
  • clintbarton
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