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Tao shivered as he pulled his feet up close to his body. He was woken by the booming thunder. It took him no time to slip out of bed and grab a chair, and head out to the balcony.
Tao loved rain. It was comforting to him. To close his eyes and listen to the gentle patter of the rain hitting the ground, not to mention the cool breeze and the wonderful smell of ozone.
A flash of light lit up the sky followed by a crash of thunder. Tao smiled as he watched as the wind blew through the trees, causing them to bend slightly.


Tao turned to see a half asleep Yifan stumbling towards him. He smiled as he slid to the side on his bench, patting the free spot next to him.
"Here, sit."

Yifan nodded and slumped on the bench. Tao chuckled and moved his hand up to caresses Yifan's cheek. Yifan made a rumbling noise as he leaned into Tao's touch. Tao smiled and gently guided Yifan's head to his lap.
Yifan sighed contently as he rested his head in Tao's lap. He closed his eyes as Tao played with his messy hair. He shivered as he felt Tao's slender fingers stroke his scalp, slowly massaging it.

"How was your sleep?" Tao asked, still massaging Yifan's scalp.
"Good." He mumbled.

They sat in silence after that. Yifan slowly opened an eye, observing Tao without him noticing. Tao was looking out into the forest, his natural black hair hung on his forehead. Tao sniffed as he looked around, his pupils darting in all directions as if he was looking for something.
From this angle, Yifan could not see things that he has never noticed before.
Like how his lips natural curl upwards, but not as much as Jongdae's. Or how his eyes had bags under them which gave everyone the impression of a panda but Yifan noticed how his eyes were narrow like a cat. Or his button nose. God, Yifan loved Tao's nose, it was adorable just like the rest of Tao.

"You done staring?"

Yifan jumped when Tao suddenly spoke up.
"W-what? No I wasn't staring!"
"Okay Yifan, whatever you say."
Tao giggled as Yifan hid his face in embarrassment.
Tao ran his fingers through Yifan's hair one last time before patting his waist.
"Come on, let's get breakfast."

"Nice of you two lovebirds to join us

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"Nice of you two lovebirds to join us."

"Shut up Jongdae."

Tao took a seat next to Luhan. Luhan kept his eyes on Yifan as he pouted at Chanyeol who took the spot on the other side of Tao before making his way to the other side of the table.

Tao sipped milk from his cup as he looked around, trying to figure out what he wanted to eat. Luhan leaned over and whispered in his ear.
"What did you do to my brother?"

"Hmm?" Tao turned to face Luhan, a spoon sticking out of his mouth. Luhan forcefully pulled the spoon out of Tao's mouth, "You're so cute. I'm talking about Yifan. Why is he so clingy?"

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