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3253 words holy shit! That's my longest chapter in this book. The song above is one of my favorite Tao songs, it called one heart and I recommend you listen to it while reading this chapter!
Anyway I hoped you like this chapter and I'll see you in the next update.

Yifan woke up to an empty bed, much to his dismay. After the apple picking trip, Tao had disappeared. It's been a week and Yifan's birthday was tomorrow.

He groaned as he trashed around in his sheets, upset that stupid Baekhyun and Luhan weren't telling him where Tao went. But he rolled out of bed and dressed himself like a proper Prince. Actually, in his all black attire, he looked more like an emo goth Prince. Which honestly reflected how he was feeling.

He walked to the dining hall, still moping that he was Tao-less. Jongdae was the first to see him, "Hey! It's Mr. Deprived from his wife!"

Yifan simply growled in his direction before slumping down at the dining table. He bit halfheartedly into an apple.
Yixing frowned as he patted Yifan's cheek, "Don't worry, he said he would be back tonight."

Yifan lit up, ignoring the snickering coming from his brothers. He didn't care when they teased him because he had Tao and they don't. Yifan spent the rest of the day still moping around, going up to his brothers in the attempt for them to entertain him.
His first target was Luhan. Yifan walked around in the dim hallways, trying to find his short, pink haired brother.

"Lu?" Yifan called out as he stuck his head through his brother's doorway. He immediately let out a loud shout when he saw Xiumin and Luhan together.
"SORRY SORRY SORRY." He yelled as he tore down the hallway, trying to erase what he had just saw.

Scratch that, Chanyeol was his first target. Yifan hummed as he turned the corner, heading to his brother's chamber. He knocked on the door this time, learning from his past mistake.
There was no answer. Yifan frowned as he pushed the door open, sticking his head in through the crack.
He screeched when he saw Baekhyun and Chanyeol together.

"OH MY GOD I'M SORRY." Yifan slammed the door shut, walking away swiftly.

"I need therapy or something." He muttered as he stood in front of his next brother's door.

He knocked on the door, "Kyungsoo?! You better not be with Kai!"

A faint 'come in' was the reply. Yifan smiled as he pushed the door open. Kyungsoo was always his favorite brother. The level headiness, his smartness and his (at times) kindness was what made him such a respectable person. Yifan loved Kyungsoo and always looked up to him, even though Kyungsoo was younger by a couple years.

Yifan opened the door and smiled when he saw his brother sitting in the middle of a huge pile of books.
"What is it?" Kyungsoo asked, pushing his glasses further up his nose, not lifting his head from the pages.

"I'm bored and I'm-"

"Suffering TWS, yes we all figured that out by the second day."
Yifan plopped down on the ground, using his cardigan as a blanket, "What's TWS?"

"Tao-withdrawal symptoms."

Yifan made a face, "Is that a thing?"

"With you, yes."

Yifan leaned closer, fascinated by this new thing that Kyungsoo made up, "What are the symptoms?"

"Clinginess, constant whining, boredom, and the feeling to throw a tantrum until you have Tao back in your arms."

"You literally just described Luhan, minus the Tao part."

Kyungsoo cracked a smile, his lips making the familiar heart shape that set him aside from his brothers.

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