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Tao's lip quivered as he watched his lover sleep. Every instinct in his body was screaming at him, saying that this was a terrible idea. But as usual, he didn't listen. He smiled as he ran his fingers through Yifan's recently dyed hair.

The taller decided to go back to his natural hair and Tao was not complaining. If anything, he looked even better with black hair.

Tao sighed as he caressed Yifan's earlobe, being gentle so he didn't wake the elder. Tao was lost in thought until he heard raps on the door. Tao bent down and placed a chaste kiss on Yifan's forehead before slipping out of bed, pulling a robe around him, hiding his bare legs.

He ruffled his hair as he opened the door. Jay was standing at the doorway, dressed and ready to go. Tao looked back at Yifan who was still asleep, missing the way Jay's eyes raked his body.

"Give me a minute." Tao said, keeping the door propped open. Jay nodded and leaned against the doorway.

He watched as Tao bent over, slightly nudging Yifan. There was a pang in his chest as he realized they slept in the same bed.

Well of course they did, they were married. Yifan's arm probably wrapped around Tao's lean waist. Tao's nimble fingers pressed against Yifan's bare chest. Their legs tangled together with the blankets, their bodies resting as one.
Jay shook those thoughts out of his head as he saw Yifan sit up, embracing Tao tightly as he nodded at Jay, sending him a silent 'good morning'.

Tao disappeared from Jay's view but from the way Yifan's eyes darted up and down and his mouth slightly open, as if he was in a trance; Jay knew Tao was changing.

Tao came back into view now wearing black jeans, a light tunic and a long cape that pooled around his feet. He traded his night slippers for combat boots. A bow slung over his shoulder as he wore a quiver, stocked with arrows of all types. Jay watched as Yifan pulled himself out of bed, making his way to his lover.

Jay knew the meaning of love. How it could make or break someone in the matter of seconds. That's why he wasn't going to go after Tao. He would never do that, but it doesn't hurt to like him.

Jay thought he deserved that much. Tao was like a precious jewel, left on display. Free to look at, admire, but not to keep.

Jay watched as the couple leaned against each other. Tao's arms wrapped loosely around Yifan's neck, his head resting on the taller's chest. Yifan's arms held Tao close to his body, his hands resting on that sinful waist, thumbs looped in his jean's belt hole.

Yifan's hands looked so at home on Tao. Like they were made to ravish the younger. Jay forcefully diverted his gaze as Yifan leaned down. The moment they were about to share seemed to intimate. It was not his place to even glance at their direction.

Jay looked up when he heard rustling. Tao was walking towards him, the black cape tangling with his legs but making him seem threatening.


Jay nodded and let Tao out first. He followed close behind with Yifan in the back.

"Tao, I'm warning you. This isn't a easy journey." Jay warned as they descended the stairs.

"It's a three day trip, each day filled with obstacles harder than you've ever had to overcome. First day is the easiest, we just have to cross the forest of the rouges."

Tao raised an eyebrow, "Just?"

Jay ignored him and continued to talk as they approached the great hall, where the rest of the royal family were waiting.
"Then we have to get past the Great Break."

Tao stiffened. He had read about the notorious Great Break. It was a canyon, a very large canyon. Filled with nasty things that would love to just bite your head off. The worst were the sand demons.

They were almost impossible to see....until it was too late. They were considered the night dwellers sandy cousin. Annoying and no piece of sanity in them; they were out to kill.

Yifan nodded, "Okay then...."

Jay shrugged, "Easy flying from there, mostly hiding from bandits and the occasional gang lord."

Tao sighed, wonderful. They pushed up the great hall doors, revealing the whole family up, despite the fact that it was six in the morning. Sehun didn't look so good. His eyes were half closed and he was leaning against Chanyeol who was having a hard time keeping both Sehun and Baekhyun standing. Yifan chuckled and walked over, taking Sehun's head and resting it on his shoulder. Sehun mumbled incoherent words, maybe a thank you and went back to sleep.

Jay watched as Tao went to each prince, saying his goodbyes. He lingered with his mom and dad, whispering promises of return and wiping Yixing's tears. Luhan held onto Tao for longer than he should have and Baekhyun placed a loud wet kiss on Tao's cheek.
The younger made a face of disgust as he wiped his brother's spit off.

Tao stopped at Yifan, who handed Sehun off to Xiumin and Luhan. Jay watched with longing eyes as they shared a sweet kiss. One filled with promises and worries. He looked away once he caught sight of Luhan eyeing him.

Tao pulled away wistfully and walked to Jay. He opened his mouth, probably ready to suggest they should leave when something caught Jay's attention.

He quieted the black haired boy and held up a hand, motioning for everyone to stop moving.

Jay's eyes widened as he realized what the noise was.

"Everyone get out." He said, quickly ushering everyone out of the room. Luhan was about to walk by him when he held out an arm, blocking the pink haired man's path. "Except you."

Luhan narrowed his eyes as he stared down Jay. Xiumin glared at him while wrapping an arm around Luhan's waist possessively.

"Trust me."

Xiumin eyed him warily but stepped out of the room. Luhan let out a loud sigh as he turned to the werewolf, "What do you want Jay? Is this about Tao? Because I know yo-"

Jay held up a hand, a smile erupting from his face, "You don't hear that?"

Luhan frowned, "Sorry mutt, I don't have super senses like you."

Jay rolled his eyes as he ignored the insult, "There's two of us....and three heartbeats."

Luhan's hand flew down to his stomach as his eyes widened, "No..." He whispered. His eyes glistened with the hints of tears.

"No!" Luhan screamed. The door burst open and Jay was on the ground in seconds, a knife being held against his throat.

"Lu-Luhan pre-pre.." Jay gasped for air as he tried to explain himself. Xiumin pressed the knife down harder, little beads of blood trickled out from a small cut. Yifan bent over and fisted Xiumin's shirt in his hand and pulled him up.

"Xiumin, what did I say about holding knifes against peoples' throats!" Yixing scolded as he grabbed the knife from Xiumin's hands.

Jay sat up, gasping for air as he pointed at Luhan, "Pregnant." He choked out, wiping the blood off his neck.

Xiumin's head whipped towards Luhan who looked mortified. Yixing's eyebrows furrowed as he pushed past everyone, making a beeline for the shorter man.

He pressed his hand on Luhan's stomach and closed his eyes. All eyes were on them.

Yixing's stern face relaxed and melted into a smile as he opened his eyes.

"I feel it. She's in there. I can feel her life essence."

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