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Jay wasn't going to lie. He did not expect Tao to be this tough.

At first glance you would think the younger would complain or ask to stop at least once. But no. Tao kept going. He kept up with Jay who was running in his wolf form. They didn't stop unless Jay stopped and Tao didn't say a word.

It wasn't until nightfall when Jay decided to make conversation. They sat on opposite sides of the fire, watching as the flames licked the wood Jay was tossing in, growing bigger and brighter which each log.

Tao's face was illuminated by the low orange light. His face was tugged in a small smile as his eyes glazed over. Even when he was with Jay and miles away from Yifan, he was still focused on the prince.

He finally came out of his trance and smiled at Jay, "How are you feeling?" Tao asked as he casually stretched out his long legs, draping his cape on his body as the night wind picked up.

"Good, are you tired? You ran a lot today."

Tao smiled, "I'm tougher than I look....besides I had a distraction." He winked as he poked the side of his head. Jay smiled as he twisted the stick in his hand, casually cooking the rabbit that was unfortunate enough to be caught by him.

"What's he saying?"

Tao let out a light laugh, "Apparently Luhan's been chasing Xiumin all day, hitting him and yelling about how he knocked him up."

Jay chuckled as Tao giggled at the thought of the thin, pink haired boy running after Xiumin, most probably holding a frying pan in his hand. Tao watched as Jay pulled the rabbit out of the fire, perfectly cooked and ready to be eaten.
Tao smiled as Jay offered him a leg.

"So, how did you meet Gege?" Tao asked as he peeled a piece of meat and popped it into his mouth.

Jay sighed as he leaned back, stomach full from the rabbit. He rested his head on his hands as he stared at up the sky, taking in the twinkling stars above him as clouds rolled by.

"Well.....it wasn't special. I ran into him in a village. He helped me when I didn't have enough money to buy medicine for my sister. I felt in debt to him. I followed him back to the castle where I realized who he was. I served him until he took me in as a friend."

Tao smiled at the thought of a younger version of his lover, coldly dropping golden coins in the werewolf's hand before walking away. Jay turned to Tao who at this point finished eating.

"How did you meet Yifan?"

Tao yawned as he retold his story. Jay watched with sharp eyes as Tao told his story. Smiling when remembering something sweet, tearing up at the mention of Jaehyun, his confession of wanting to kill. He told Jay everything. Even things he didn't want to hear.

Like how he confessed or how they spend their Sunday mornings. But he enjoyed listening to the younger talk. It was refreshing. Like a ice cold drink on a hot summer day.

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