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Tao gasped as he sat up straight. His sudden movement startled Yifan who was sitting next to him on the bed, reading a book. Tao sat there, panting for air as Yifan studied him with an emotionless face. The windows were cracked open, letting the mid afternoon light stream in. Tao took a deep breath as a gust of wind blew through the window.

"Are you okay?" Yifan asked putting his book aside. Tao nodded and threw his covers off of him before standing on his feet. Yifan ran to his side as Tao stumbled. Tao patted his shoulder before pushing him away. He slowly stood straight up and took slow steps toward his door. With the help of Yifan, Tao slowly made his way down to the meeting room where his family and Yifan's brothers were waiting.

Yixing hopped out of his seat when he saw Tao limp through the door. He wrapped an arm around Tao's waist and led him to his seat. Yifan let Yixing take over and took his own seat between Junmyeon and Xiumin. Tao settled on his mom's lap, happily humming as his mom threaded his fingers through Tao's hair.

"Are you okay? I managed to suck all the poison out of you before it spread."

Tao nodded and continued playing with his fingers. Junmyeon cleared his throat before flipping the page in the book he was reading.

"So, back to what we were saying, do you have any preferences for the wedding."

Baekhyun lit up, "Finally! We're talking about the important things. Okay so I talked with Luhan about this and we think it's best to have it in the meadow behind the castle. Maximum space and accessible to the villagers too!"

Tao frowned, "Are you getting married or am I?"

Baekhyun rolled his eyes, "Just helping you out little bro."

Tao sighed, "Thanks."

Tao gained back all his strength by the end of the day

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Tao gained back all his strength by the end of the day. Chanyeol found that out the hard way when he teased Tao about being the submissive one in the relationship. Long story short, Chanyeol now had a large bruise on the side of his body.

Tao did not like being categorized as someone who submits. Tao is far from someone who just lets other people walk all over them. Yes, Tao usually ignores the people that annoy him but if they cross the line, they are done for.

Tao, freshly showered and full on delicious grilled meat, decided it was a great time to talk a walk. Tao was dressed in jeans and a thin tunic, seeing how it was in the middle of July. He slipped on old leather boots before he bounded out the back entrance, smiling when he spotted lighting bugs in the distance. The fresh night air was a drug to Tao. He constantly sniffed so he could take in the addicting scent of nature. Tao looked up to see the clouds clearing, making way for the twinkling stars. Tao giggled as he reached his arms up high, as if he was trying to reach one of those stars.

"Has anyone told you how undeniably cute you are?"

Tao whipped his arm down and turned around to see a smirking Yifan. Tao's cheeks glowed light pink as he avoided Yifan's state.

"What are you doing out here?" Tao asked, turning his attention back to the night sky.

"I was going to stargaze but it seems like someone beat me too it."

Tao turned to Yifan and motioned him closer. "There's no law that says we can't stargaze together."

Yifan grinned as he walked over to Tao, pulling out a blanket he had in a basket he carried out. Tao giggled as he watched Yifan spread the blanket out, even going as far as placing rocks on each corner. Yifan tugged his shoes off and sprawled out on the blanket.

"Well? Aren't you going to join me?"

Tao snapped out of his daze and tugged his own boots off. He lay beside Yifan, still memorized by the beautiful night sky. Yifan watched the younger boy instead. Yifan had to admit, the boy was picturesque. With his blonde hair, gently tossed over his forehead, to his small button nose that Yifan just wanted to squeeze. His feline eyes with the dark bags which somehow make him look even more attractive. Don't even get Yifan started on what the boy was wearing.
The light tunic was doing wonders for Tao. It hung off his shoulder, exposing his collarbone which Yifan couldn't help but stare at. The material was loose and ended right above his waist, causing it to ride up slightly every time he moved. Yifan was close to having a slight heart attack the when the boy had raised his arm to wave at him, causing a small piece of midriff to become visible. And Tao had a more feminine body that most males (aside from Luhan). His shoulders slightly wide but his waist thin, creating a curve that reminded Yifan of a crescent moon.
What Yifan admired most about Tao was his skin.
He wasn't entirely pale like Kyungsoo but had a slight tan to him, and in Yifan's opinion made him even more gorgeous. The younger boy tended to wear lighter clothes, contrary to Yifan. Each outfit contrasted beautifully against his caramel skin. Yifan frowned when he saw the younger boy shiver, goosebumps appearing on his long, thin arms. Yifan rolled over and pulled out a sweatshirt from his basket. He had a feeling Tao would get cold the moment he saw him leave with just the tunic on.

"Here, Peach."

Tao turned to see Yifan offering him a sweatshirt, mostly likely belonging on the older boy.


"No problem."

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