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Tao watched with a sharp eye as Yifan looked away.
"Now's my chance." He thought as he quickly leaned over. Tao stuck out his tongue and took a quick lick of Yifan's ice cream.
The two of them were sitting on the ledge of the fountain in the central square of the village. A kind woman recognized the princes and gave them free ice cream. Unfortunately, Tao got strawberry. Tao hated strawberry. Yifan on the other hand got chocolate, which was Tao's favorite. But the older boy had forbid Tao from tasting his ice cream. So Tao had to resort to sneaking licks every time Yifan looked away.

Yifan was aware of what Tao was doing, but he let the boy play. Finally Tao took a big chunk out of Yifan's ice cream and went back to his own when the taller boy turned towards Tao. He narrowed his eyes at the guilty boy.


"Yes Gege?"

"Have you been eating my ice cream?"

Tao pretended to look shocked that Yifan would ever accuse him of such mutiny.
"Why would you say that?!" Tao gasped dramatically.

Yifan chuckled and leaned closer, bringing one hand up to Tao's face. Tao's breath hitched as Yifan's calloused finger wiped against his bottom lip. Yifan smirked and held up his thumb, a drop of chocolate ice cream was dripping down the side of it. Tao sheepishly smiled, knowing that he had gotten caught red handed.

The rest of the villagers were watching with wide eyes. They had never seen their young, confident, talkative prince brought down to such a blubbering, blushing mess. Yifan finished the last of his ice cream, much to Tao's dismay before spotting something by the corner of his eye.

He grinned and quickly got up, leaving Tao still sitting near the fountain, very confused. Yifan came back minutes later, hands behind his back.

"Peach guess what I have for you."

"Chocolate ice cream?!"

"You ate your ice cream and half of mine and you're telling me you still want more ice cream?"


Yifan sighed and brought out his hands from behind his back. Tao gasped when he saw a hand-stitched plushie panda toy in Yifan's hands.

"I-is that for me?"

Yifan nodded, "Think of it as a pre-wedding gift."
Tao took the panda and held it against his face, hoping it would hide the blush blossoming on his cheeks.
"Do you like it?"

Tao nodded furiously as he hugged the panda closer to his body. Yifan softly smiled snd ruffled Tao's hair.
"We better go peach before Baekhyun kicks both our asses for being late to wedding planning."

"White or black?"

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"White or black?"


Tao and Yifan looked at each other as they answered that the same time. Baekhyun groaned loudly and Luhan banged his forehead on the wooden table.

"For the love of God, you two literally can NOT be more different." Baekhyun announced, throwing his hands up in frustration. Yixing chuckled as Luhan tried not to strangle Tao or Yifan.

"But Yifaaannn...white will look so much better in the moonlight."

Yifan looked at Tao, who was about to pull out the big guns. Yixing watched with amusement, he knew what was about to go down.

"Tao no, black would be so much b-" Yifan stopped in the middle of his sentence when he felt Tao grasp his arm. His breath hitched as Tao widened his eyes ever so slightly while puckering out his bottom lip, brining his panda toy closer to his body. The combination to deadly aegyo.

Luhan rose in his seat, taking interest in the sudden change. Yifan was infamous for resisting aegyo. Luhan was his brother for crying out loud and not ONCE did he ever fall for Luhan's aegyo tricks. Which still confused Luhan, he thought that he was a very cute person.

"Peaaach." Yifan drawled out, trying to avoid Tao's gaze.

"B-but this is my only wedding! And white would look so good." At this point, Tao's eyes started to moisten, glistening with the threat of tears. Yifan's is completely going to break if Tao starts crying. The two stared at each other for a couple more seconds before Yifan groaned.

"Fine white it is." He said, rubbing his forehead. Getting married to Tao meant years of upcoming headaches.

The countdown to the big wedding was now down to the last week

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The countdown to the big wedding was now down to the last week. The castle was bustling with hectic maids as they rushed around, trying to keep everything in order. Tao sighed as another group of maids scurried past him, wailing about the flowers that had wilted on their way here from an exotic garden.
Tao was getting bored. Everyone was so busy with the wedding that no one was playing with him anymore. He pouted as he was ignored by Yama, the head maid and his favorite nanny from when he was little. Tao brought his panda toy closer to his body. He had been keeping that in his hands since Yifan had given it to him a week ago. Tao jumped when he felt someone squeeze his waist. He turned to see Yifan standing behind him, an amused glint in his eyes.

"I'm bored Gege." Tao whined, secretly happy he found someone to complain too. Yifan sighed as he wrapped an arm around Tao's shoulder, leaning his body against Tao's as he tried to think of something to do. He straightened when an idea struck him.

"Wanna give everyone a heart attack?"

Tao smiled widely and nodded.

"Should we just stay out here for the night?" Tao asked as he ducked under a branch

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"Should we just stay out here for the night?" Tao asked as he ducked under a branch. Yifan who was a few feet in front of him nodded, "Yea, I want to see what happens when they realize that the two wedding grooms disappeared."

Tao giggled as he hopped over a root, "You're evil." Yifan just turned and winked, earning another giggle from Tao.
As much as Yifan hated to admit it, the younger boy was growing on him. His little giggles down to the sniffs he made when he was about to sneeze. Everything about Tao fascinated Yifan. In the month that he's been at the west kingdom, he spent most of his time with Tao. Seeing that he was about to marry the boy. Yifan didn't care that he might be rushing this but he really did like Tao. And honestly it didn't matter because from the day that Tao was born, he was supposed to be Yifan's and Yifan was supposed to be his. Yifan grinned slightly at the thought of Tao being his.
He had no idea if the younger boy felt anything for Yifan but Yifan didn't mind. He had an entire lifetime to make Tao fall for him, and that's exactly what he plans to do.

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