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Horses' feet thundered on the grounds as Yifan rode through the forest. He let out a loud laugh, one that came from his stomach, one that came from pure joy as Chanyeol and Xiumin flanked his sides.

Chanyeol was riding a deep chestnut stallion, a smile etched on his face as he tore through the forest, following the faint barks of the hunting dogs they sent ahead. Yifan could hear the rustling of the leaves from above as Sehun flew through the trees, following his own falcons who were accompanying them in the hunt.
Yifan loved going hunting. He loved pretending that he was a normal man, just hunting for food. It was tradition for the royal family, to go hunting together when they were in the mood. It was only time before the eleven of them went on a hunt.

Yifan was slightly upset that Tao wasn't with him but he was compensated by using Tao's favorite horse. Tao's Black Forest horse was famous throughout the kingdom.

No one had such a powerful black coated horse with a platinum white mane. Tao took pride in his horse and refused to let anyone even touch her, much less ride her. Yifan was a first, and as obvious as it was, it was a still a huge surprise was Tao offered Yifan his prized horse.

They came across a clearing with a creek passing through in the middle. Yifan patted his horse's side, making it trot to a stop before he slid off.

Yifan let the horse roam loose, joining his brothers as they sat in a circle.

"Jeez Chanyeol, you just had to pick the slowest horse." Kai shouted at Chanyeol who had just arrived at the clearing.

Chanyeol made a face as he slipped off his horse as it ran by, "Shut up chicken boy, I like to let Sprinkles go at her own pace."

Yifan raised an eyebrow at the name, "Sprinkles?"

Chanyeol flushed, "Shut up, Baekhyun named her when he was little."

"How manly." Kai muttered before sipping from his water bottle. He yelped as Chanyeol tackled him, screaming and kicking as the taller male tickled him with no mercy.

Yifan was about to say something when he heard loud neighs coming from the trees. He turned to see Junmyeon in all his glory, riding on a cotton candy colored horse.

The boys stifled their laughter as their king rode in on a horse that looked like it came from a carousel. The laughter abruptly stopped when they realized the cotton candy horse was Yixing.

Yixing rolled his eyes as he sat in between Chanyeol and Xiumin, "You boys really need to learn not to laugh at me."

No one paid heed to his (somewhat) hostile tone. Yixing was a sweetheart and no matter how angry he sounded, he could never fully be angry.

Yifan laid back, resting his head on Kyungsoo's lap. The younger boy smiled as he ran his fingers through his brother's hair, patting his cheek before turning his attention to Luhan.

It was a nice day. Mildy sunny, few clouds in the sky and a light breeze. The kingdom was quiet and the villagers were happy.

Unfortunately, that peaceful spell was shattered as Yixing sat straight up.

Shapeshifters were known to have heightened senses caused by the amount of animals they could shift into. Something must of startled Yixing because he was wide eyed, staring at the line of trees that led into the dark forest.

"Mom?" Xiumin crawled over to his mother, holding a hand out to try to soothe him.

Yixing shot up and took off running, turning into a sleek cheetah as ran towards the trees he was staring at.

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