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Tao bit at his finger nails as he paced back and forth. It was currently 2 in the morning and Tao was going out of his mind. Technically, since it was past midnight, it was his wedding day but Tao wasn't ready. He never thought he would get married at 18. Especially to a man that he barely knew. He sighed heavily as he spun around, making another loop around his larger than average sized room. He turned his head towards the door when he heard a low knock. Tao walked to the wooden door and swung it open, wincing when it creaked loudly. To his surprise, Yifan was standing in front of him.

"Yifan?" Tao said, moving aside to let Yifan into his room. Tao shut the door as Yifan made himself comfy at the windowsill. Yifan tugged the curtains open, letting the moonlight shine into the room. Tao pulled his blanket off the bed and sat opposite from Yifan, spreading the blanket out on both of them.

"Couldn't sleep?"

Yifan nodded, "I also heard you pacing back and forth."
Tao sheepishly grinned as he muttered a sorry. Yifan chuckled as he leaned his head back against the wall. Tao studied the older man before speaking up, "Why are you here?"

Yifan shrugged, "Just wanted to talk I guess."

Tao smiled, "Okay talk."

"Shh someone get a camera

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"Shh someone get a camera."

"Isn't this against wedding rules to see each other before the wedding?"

"But they're so cute!"

Yifan groaned as he heard multiple voices overwhelm him. He tried to roll over but there was a heavy weight pinning him down. Yifan opened his eyes and bit down on his lip trying not to shout in surprise when he saw Tao resting his head on Yifan's chest.

Yifan blinked as he looked at his surroundings. He must have fallen asleep with Tao at the windowsill. He turned to see Tao's brothers and his own brothers staring at them eagerly. Yifan groaned as he rubbed his face with his hands.

"One word and I will torch every single one of you."

Luhan gulped as he slowly backed up, "We'll..um.. be waiting outside."

Yifan smiled innocently, "Thank you."

He watched as the eight boys filed out of Tao's room. He turned back to Tao who was frowning in his sleep. Yifan sighed and gently placed a hand on Tao's cheek. Tao immediately relaxed and leaned into Yifan's touch. Yifan chuckled as he gently pushed back Tao's hair. Tao was just so adorable.

"Peach?" Yifan cooed as he gently shook Tao. Tao opened his eyes slowly and blinked at Yifan. He closed his eyes again. Yifan chuckled as he counted to himself silently.




"WHAT THE HECK." Tao snapped his eyes open and jumped off of Yifan, landed five feet away. Yifan grinned as he watched the younger boy pant as he doubled over.

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