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The queen rubbed his stomach gently as he walked down the stairs.

The rival kingdom's king and queen had come to visit. Considering their history, this was a strange occurrence.

The queen smiled as he entered the room and sat next to his husband.

"Welcome. Now what was this deal you wanted to discuss?"

The king from the east bowed, "There is no point for our kingdoms to fight. Its tiring both our kingdoms. We need to focus on more important things."

Years of fighting and disputing each other really put a toll on each kingdom.

The king from the west leaned back on his throne, "Then what do you present we do?"

"We join forces. Make our two kingdoms into one."

The king of the east motioned to someone hiding in the shadow.

A little boy, maybe 2 or 3 walked towards his father.

"This is Wu Yifan....I want to ask the hand of your child."

The queen wrapped an arm around his stomach protectively, "You want to betroth my unborn child to your son? We don't even know the gender....what if it's a boy?"

The king from the east rested his arm on his armrest, "So what if it's a boy? Then we'll have two strong leaders. Please....this isn't good for our people. As a king I made a promise to protect my people."

The queen and the king exchanged looks.
The king from the east tried again, "King Junmyun, I know how you're running low on resources. My kingdom is too. This is for the best."

The king from the west sighed, "It's up to you love. You are the mother."

The queen thought for a while before nodding.


The king from the east and the west stood up and shook hands.

"Then it's settled."

Two months later:

A servant raced to the king's throne room.

"Master!" He yelled as he burst into the room.

The king stood up, "We are in the middle of a meeting! Get out!"

The servant bowed, "I'm sorry but the queen from the west had his child."

The king's eyes widened, "Is it a girl? What's her name?"

"It's a boy sir. They named him Huang ZiTao."

Tao; 4 years

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Tao; 4 years

Yixing bit his lips as he watched his child run around the training arena. Usually, children of the Royal family gain their powers when they turn four. Tao had turned four five months ago and still didn't show any signs.

Yixing turned when he heard the doors of the arena be opened. His King and husband was standing by the entrance with their newborn in his arms.

Yixing smiled and walked up to his beloved child. Junmyun grinned proudly and placed a quick kiss on Yixing's lips as he transferred the baby from his arms to Yixing's.

"Hello Sehunnie." Yixing cooed, nuzzling his nose against the baby's stomach causing him to giggle.

"How is he doing?" Junmyun asked, peering around Yixing.

"Not well, there's no sign of any-" Yixing stopped mid sentence when he spotted something odd.

Junmyun squinted his eyes as he stepped closer, "Is that...a panda?"

Yixing smiled, "I think Tao just found his power. I knew reading him those animal books was a good idea."

Junmyun chuckled, "A shapeshifter....he took after you."

Tao; 8 years

Tao blinked as he looked down at his small hands. Just minutes ago, his older brother Baekhyun's hands were glowing with light but now the light was in his hands.

Baekhyun pouted as he stomped his foot, "No fair! That's my power! Mommy!!"

Yixing came racing into their large bedroom at the yell of his third eldest child.

"What's wrong sweetheart?"

"Tao took my light!" Baekhyun complained, pointing a chubby finger at Tao's direction.

Yixing's eyes widened as he watched Tao clap. Each time his hands met, the light appeared and disappeared.

Yixing couldn't believe it, Tao wasn't just a shapeshifter, he could also borrow other's powers. There was something going on with his second youngest child and Yixing knew he had to find out.

Tao; 12 years

Yixing stood by the kitchen, working with the chefs. His oldest son, Xiumin's 16 birthday was coming up.

"Mommy mommy!!"

Yixing turned to see Tao running into the kitchen with 8 year old Sehun close behind.

Sehun's wings slammed into the door causing Yixing to wince but the young boy giggled at his own recklessness and folded his wings before reentering the kitchen.

Sehun had a special condition. Since he was a baby, he showed signs of another pair of bones growing from his back. It wasn't until he turned five that Yixing realized that they were in fact wings. Sehun could float in the air for a couple of seconds but he still needed to learn how to retract them back into his body.

"What is it baby?" Yixing asked, caressing one of Sehun's soft velvety wings.

"Tao Hyung stopped time!"


"Yea mommy! He held my hand and then the world stopped! We even drew a mustache on daddy."

Yixing gulped, Tao was progressing faster than he thought he would.

Tao; 18 years

Yixing smiled as his son bowed to his father. Junmyun placed a crown on his head and hugged Tao tightly. Tao had just finished training and he had turned 18.

Yixing couldn't be prouder. Tao had grown so much and he learned how to control his gifts, just like the rest of his brothers.

But Tao turning 18 meant another thing, introducing him to Yifan.

Yay another taoris book!!

This one is going down the route of more supernatural-ish with Exo having powers and shit.
Yea it's going to be fun.

But not all of the members will have the same powers as they did in mama so watch out for that.

I hope you enjoy!

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