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Italicized is a flashback:

Jay growled lowly at the guard who just pushed him into the alpha's office. He stopped when he saw the alpha hold up a hand for him to stop.

"Do you take me as a fool?"

Jay gulped as he stood his ground, "No alpha."

"Then tell me why you told me that Tao is your mate when he isn't even a werewolf."


"The silver ring on his forth finger. Honestly Jay you really thought that I wouldn't see it?"

Jay cursed himself. He had completely forgotten about the wedding ring around Tao's slim finger.

"And you didn't stop there."

Jay lifted his head, now knowing that he was backed up against a wall. Cornered, exposed and definitely stuck.

"You broke an ancient law by bringing a non-werewolf to my land?"

Jay stayed silent. There was no point arguing.

"Wu Zitao....married to Wu Yifan....heirs of the east and west kingdom." The alpha read off a file, occasionally looking up to make sure Jay was paying attention to every word that was coming out of his mouth.

"Oh that's not even the best part....Jensun."

Jay's eyed widened as his throat contracted. Fear shook his body when he heard a name he hasn't heard in over 20 years.


The alpha let out a laugh. A laugh that sent chills down Jay's spine, "I have my connections Jensun. Hmm...lets see," the alpha said playfully as he flipped another page in his file, "First appeared in the Lotus pack in '01 under the name Jun. Then disappeared for a year and showed up the following year pretending to be a rouge looking for a pack. Five packs in your lifetime, impressive. You went by the aliases of Jason, Jin, Juri and....Jay."

The alpha tossed the file on his desk, crossing his arms as he turned to Jay again, "Pack jumping Jensun! You know that's illegal."

Jay sneered, fists tightening behind his back, "Oh yea, tell the higher council. I'll take the punishment."

"Even if it is death?"

Jay faltered, his confidence wavering, "W-What do you want?"

"I want you to betray Zitao and Yifan."

Jay's eyes widened, "NO! Never in a million years." He growled. He might dislike Yifan for getting Tao, but he would never betray him or Tao.
Especially Tao.

The younger male would be heartbroken.....and he would hate Jay.

"No." Jay said again, quieter.

"No?" The alpha hummed, drumming his fingers against the desk, "You know, I'm out to kill Yifan and Tao but, I'm willing to let you have Tao."


The alpha grinned, "Yes! Make him your mate. I know your dying to place your mark on his pale, untainted neck."

Jay growled loudly, trying to fight down his wolf. No! Tao was his friend. Yifan was his friend. They were happy together.

"W-why are you doing this?"

The alpha sighed, "It goes back 25 years."


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