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Tao bit his bottom lip as he watched his mom pack clothes into a small backpack. His eyes were tearing up just thinking about how his mom was going to be gone for a month. Yixing turned to see his son almost in tears.
"Aw baby...." Yixing embraced his son, gently rubbed his back hoping to calm him down.

"Do you have to go?"

"Yes sweetheart. We have some business in the Nymph's territory. They're stirring up some problems."
Stupid nymphs. Tao thought as he sniffled and hid his face in his mother's chest.


Tao lifted his head to see Yifan poking his head through the doorway. Tao smiled when he saw Yifan. Yixing smirked to himself as he pushed Tao into Yifan, causing the younger one to trip over his own feet. Yifan chuckled as he caught the clumsy 18 year old.
"You good there?"
Tao nodded and hid his face in Yifan's chest.
"Yixing, Junmyeon's waiting for you in front of the main gates."
Yixing zipped up his backpack and slung it over his shoulder, taking one last glimpse of Tao in Yifan's arms.
"Yifan please....be careful. Watch over Tao and protect our kingdom."

Yifan stood up straighter as he bowed to Yixing, "I will do so with my life."
Yixing smiled softly as he patted Yifan's cheek, "I knew you were the one."

Yixing jumped out of the window. Tao raced to see what he had turned into. Tao smiled when he saw a large griffin like creature swoop down and pick Junmyeon up with its claws. Yifan chuckled as he heard the distant screaming of Junmyeon as he was tossed onto the griffin's back.

"That never gets old." Tao snickered as he wiped away a tear.

Tao took a deep breath of fresh air as he set a nearly full basket on the ground

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Tao took a deep breath of fresh air as he set a nearly full basket on the ground. It was mid summer and the peak of harvest season. Tao did have servants to pick the crops but Tao didn't mind spending a couple hours outside. The sun was high in the sky, very few clouds were there to shield Tao from the burning sunlight. Great, now Tao will become even more tanner and become the butt of Sehun's stupid jokes rather than Kai. Tao closed his eyes and he sat in the dirt, in between two rows of crops. He took in the sounds and smells around. He loved listening to the low hum of the variety of insects that thrived in the field.
His peaceful silence was shattered when he heard someone shout his name. Tao took a deep breath, pushed his hair out of his face and picked up the basket next to him. He turned to see Chanyeol running down the hill towards Tao. Tao raised an eyebrow as Chanyeol came to a halting stop in front of him. Him and Chanyeol don't speak much, really didn't find the right words to speak to someone so different to himself.

"Hey Taozi!"

"Don't call me that."

"Okay, I need your help."

Tao plucked a ripe tomato off the vines and examined it. Chanyeol took his silence as a sign to continue, "You see...Baekhyun and I spent a lot of time together and -"

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