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Ralsei Smuts/Lemons by Katrina_ONeil
Ralsei Smuts/Lemonsby Katrina_ONeil
Just a bunch of Ralsei smuts and lemons that I wrote! This is not all that I write. Please do not report this story.
  • lemon
  • deltarune
  • cute
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The KFC Club! by xNightingale_girlx
The KFC Club!by xNightingale_girlx
Join The KFC Club, as they go about their fluffy lives together! With Kris, Frisk and Chara, they are the KFC! The amazing Deltarune and Undertale is created by the just...
  • ralsei
  • lancer
  • frisk
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Claimed [Kai Exo] by crave_my_thoughts
Claimed [Kai Exo]by ❁
Moving to a foreign country is frightening, let alone attending one of their most successful schools. But what's even scarier, is when you've been claimed.
  • chanyeol
  • fanfiction
  • bias
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Everyone's Mate || EXO Fanfic by sugarsoojie
Everyone's Mate || EXO Fanficby soojie
Park Jinhee is a normal girl...well if you would call a former gang member, famous K-Pop idol, and a member of the supernatural normal. Growing up with little to n...
  • werewolves
  • fanfic
  • baekhyun
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The angel of darkness, and the demon of light by kitsunesuccubus-chan
The angel of darkness, and the
There is a legend about two sisters. an older one, and a younger one. The sisters are both opposites, yet their also the same. They are known as the angel of darkness, a...
  • ralsei
  • undertale
  • deltarune
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A Quiet Friend {Kris X Fem!Reader} Delta Rune by AmirahMcgee
A Quiet Friend {Kris X Fem!Reader} Oofs
So, yeah. I've recently read a few X readers and I always thought the Kris X readers stood out to me the most. So, yeah. This is probably gonna be shit.
  • deltarune
  • krisxreader
  • kris
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 ♤ A Lonely Tree♤  ( Deltarune x reader ) by DevilKnife
♤ A Lonely Tree♤ ( Deltarune x ♤sleepy✪
♤ Y/N was once was a lonely tree. but one day more trees grew around her
  • lesserdad
  • kris
  • seam
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Deltarune Preferences by Berry_Skittles
Deltarune Preferencesby Berry_Skittles
~Some Preferences For Deltarune Characters~ | characters include | Kris Susie Ralsei Noelle Lancer Rouxls Kaard Jevil And any more you want me to add OTHER STUFF 1. no...
  • videogames
  • kris
  • rouxlskaard
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Kris x Yandere! Reader by kgambrel0004
Kris x Yandere! Readerby kgambrel0004
Sorry if you dont like it
  • yandere
  • undertale
  • reader
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ᎠᎬᏞᏆᎪᏒuᏁᎬ ᎾᏁᎬshᎾᏆs x ʀɛǟɖɛʀ by GlassTocks
ᎠᎬᏞᏆᎪᏒuᏁᎬ ᎾᏁᎬshᎾᏆs x ʀɛǟɖɛʀby Glass Tocks
Any requests? 😂😂 anyways AU's are allowed NO LEMONS! please! Its so..uhh..something I will not accept OCs since this is an x reader Genders are allowed (like boy ,gi...
  • kris
  • susie
  • lovestory
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The Descendant's Tamer by mysehuniverse
The Descendant's Tamerby .bea.
Lynx Reinhardt is a normal human being... Or so she tried to convince herself.
  • seventeen
  • suho
  • xiumin
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Ice Skating Angel (Baekhyun x Reader) by ICFrost
Ice Skating Angel (Baekhyun x ICFrost/鍾潔心
(Y/N) is an ex-ice skater who quit because of an incident. Baekhyun is a member of S.M. Entertainmant's EXO. Legend has it that one day these two will meet. But the stor...
  • baekhyun
  • iceskating
  • byunbaekhyun
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My Romantic Doctor (Completed 💓) by Girlkatie_Vember
My Romantic Doctor (Completed 💓)by Shwe Yee Pwint Oo
ဒီအတိုင္း..က်ေနာ္ ဆရာ့ကို ျမတ္ႏိုးမိခဲ့ရုံပါ.. Krisyeol
  • krisyeol
  • chanyeol
  • medicalromance
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Clash Academy (EXO Fan Fiction) by heymacaREENA
Clash Academy (EXO Fan Fiction)by REENA
For 50 years, Two Moon Academy was an all boys school. However, the new owner decided to turn it to a coed school. Han Min Na was one of the girls who's interested to en...
  • chen
  • tao
  • crush
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EXO Sad Imagines | ✔ by twinklebangtan
EXO Sad Imagines | ✔by × hiatus ×
"Crying doesn't mean you're weak,sometimes it means that you've been strong too long."-Anonymous ®All Rights Reserved ®twinklebangtan Rankings: →#1 in exoxread...
  • baekhyun
  • chen
  • xiumin
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A Drunken Night | Krusie Fanfic | Deltarune by EmoKoreanGirl
A Drunken Night | Krusie Fanfic | EmoKoreanGirl
*NOTICE: I do NOT own any characters in this story. I do NOT own Deltarune. I do NOT own Undertale. All the characters mentioned in the story AND Deltarune AND Undertale...
  • kris
  • krisxsusie
  • susie
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EXO's Baby Sister | Book 1  by rainyy_25
EXO's Baby Sister | Book 1 by rain(y) 🌸
[ ✔ Completed 12/29/16 ] "We are always one" -EXO Where EXO, a popular boy group, lives their new life with their adopted baby sister, (Y/n) Kim (Y/n), a gir...
  • bts
  • suho
  • exok
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Secretly Married To My Ex-Crush || Infinite Myungsoo FF by taehyungsqueen_
Secretly Married To My Ex-Crush || 김태형 ♥
This story is about a girl (Lee Yeonghun) who got secretly married to her long time secret crush (Kim Myungsoo). For some reasons,she was forced to marry him. Yeonghun's...
  • suho
  • teenfiction
  • baekhyun
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SECRET ADMIRER. / b.b.h + p.c.yby * 𝐧𝐮𝐬𝐬𝐲 *
An anonymous user decides to text Byun Baekhyun online, his corny jokes and flirtatious responses unloaded as he tries to pursue the short-tempered brunet. Could he pos...
  • baekhyun
  • tao
  • chen
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What am I to you? by Sadaf01234
What am I to you?by Sadaf01234
Sotus has ended and also all the fan meetings. Krist and Singto are busy with other projects but they are still friends who look after each other. But the question still...
  • bl
  • kris
  • singto