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The ten seconds that took the stranger to slide off his horse and approach Tao felt like an eternity. His senses were on edge and he wanted to attack, but Yixing wrapped an arm around his waist, firmly keeping him in place.

The stranger's eyes were crescent shaped, like he was smiling underneath his mask. He reached up and pulled off the cloth that was covering his face.

Tao's eyes widened as he took in the stranger.

He was tall, like Yifan.
Had upturned lips and high cheekbones like Jongdae.
Large, doe eyes like Luhan.
Bigger than average ears like Chanyeol and plump lips like Kyungsoo.

"Father?" Luhan was the first to snap out of his trance. He dropped his sword as he ran to his father's embrace.

  Chanyeol was quick to follow and even Kyungsoo sheathed his knifes and joined the hug.

Yifan left Tao's side and wrapped his arms around his father. Jongdae pretended to gag as he approached his father but gave him a hug nevertheless.

Tao's breath hitched when he caught the King of the east's eye. He smiled, looking like an older version of Jongdae as he held out an arm.

"My beautiful Tao, how are you?"

Tao dropped his bow and kneeled down, his knee touching the ground, his head bent, "My king, how do you know of me?"

The king let out a loud chuckle and Tao stiffened when he felt hands on his shoulders, slowly tugging him up.

"Don't be so formal with me! You are my son in law. Call me Roan."

Tao grinned as Roan brought him into a bone crushing hug.
Yifan whined as he pulled at Tao's sleeve, "Father leave him! You're going to kill him."

Roan chuckled as he let Tao go. The younger stumbled and fell into Yifan's arms, a smile still wide on his face.

Joonmyeon spread his arms as a welcome, "Come Raon! I shall have a feast prepared in your name."

Raon smiled as he held Joonmyeon's arm, "I would be honored to be your guest."

Tao sighed deeply as he lowered himself in the scalding water

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Tao sighed deeply as he lowered himself in the scalding water.

It had been weeks since he had a proper bath and now he finally got the chance to sit in his tub, play some soothing music and enjoy water.

Tao hummed along to the song as he uncapped a bottle of soap. He brought it under his nose, taking in the smell of fresh honey and roses. Tao flipped the bottle upside down, grinning as the potion fizzed into bubbles. In seconds, the once clear water was now a plethora of light pink and gold bubbles.

Oh how Tao loved his magic bubble soap.

He sighed, sinking lower into the water, until only his neck and head were visible. Tao closed his eyes, letting the hot water relax his tense muscles.

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