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Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.

Yifan would use that one word to describe Tao.

It was early Sunday morning. The morning sunlight was streaming in, the castle was quiet and Yifan could hear the faint singing of the birds. Tao was passed out next to him. It was Jaehyun's funeral the other day and Tao did not take it very well. He spent the majority of the past two days curled up in a ball, hiding from the world and crying his heart out. But now he seemed at peace, at least in his sleep. It was like the eye of the storm. Tao had finally stopped crying and Yifan finally was at peace. Yifan sat up, slowly guiding Tao's head so he was resting in Yifan's lap. Yifan chuckled lowly as he ran his fingers through Tao's unruly hair.
"Beautiful." Yifan whispered as he stroked Tao's cheek gently with the back of his hand.

"You know....I have so much to say to you." Yifan spoke out loud. Tao shifted in his sleep but didn't wake. Yifan smiled, "I'm terrible at expressing my feelings. Maybe that's why I was so unapproachable in my kingdom."

He let out a breathy laugh, "Look at me now, talking to my asleep husband."

Tao whimpered a bit in his sleep, causing Yifan to lean down and gently peck the younger's cheek, effectively sending the boy back to peaceful slumber.
"You're the cutest person I've ever met. You make my heart ache, with your pretty eyes and your cute smile."
Yifan sighed, "If only I could express my feelings for you....when you're awake."

Yifan leaned his head back, resting it against the frame of the bed, "As much as I hate to say it, I depend on you. You're the one that helped me morph into a dragon, you're the one that helped me open up....I just hope I affect you too."

"I'm sure you do."

Yifan jumped at the new voice, his heart pounding as he turned his head. He winced when he saw Xiumin and Luhan leaned against the doorway, smiling like idiots.

"How much of that have you heard?" Yifan asked, bracing himself for the teasing that is sure to come his way.

"All of it." Xiumin replied the same time Luhan grinned, "Enough to tell us that you're head over heels for little Taozi."

"I hate you guys."

It was nearing fall

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It was nearing fall. Summer ended and the days were getting shorter. The leaves were slowly turning colors and the air was getting cooler.
Baekhyun sighed as he nestled himself between Chanyeol's legs, resting his back against the taller's chest. They were up high in a tree, sitting together on a sturdy branch. Chanyeol was leaned against the trunk while Baekhyun was in front of him. They're legs were dangling off the sides of the branch but they were comfortable.

"I can't believe it." Baekhyun whispered, not wanting to break the serene atmosphere. Chanyeol pecked the shorter behind the ear before wrapping his arms around the latter's waist.

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