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Jay was feeling a mix of emotions as Yifan fought off the werewolves.

For one, he felt grateful.

Yifan had shown up just in time to get them out of a very sticky situation.

He also felt annoyed....very annoyed.

He felt like a freaking damsel in distress watching her knight beat up the bad guys. Jay was also annoyed that he couldn't protect Tao. This was another thing Yifan could do but not him.

Yifan was perfect for Tao. No matter how Jay looked at it, it was like the two were born for each other. Yifan knew Tao like the back of his hand. He knew everything about him. Hell, he probably knew Tao better than Tao knew himself. And for some reason, that left a bitter taste in his mouth.

Jay just watched, in the safety of Yifan's side as the golden dragon created a ring of fire around them.
Jay turned to see Tao looking elated. There was this glow in him that wasn't there before. His hand was on Yifan's side, as if he couldn't stand another second of not touching the older male.

In the matter of seconds, more werewolves appeared and Yifan was being surrounded.

"Get on!"

Jay flinched when he heard a deep, growling voice. He saw Tao clamber onto the dragon's back, dragging Evani up with him. Nuri was up in the matter of seconds, leaving only Jay on the ground.

"JAY!" Tao yelled as he motioned for the werewolf.

Jay just stood there staring as Yifan spread his wings.


Jay's heart ached as he ignored Tao's yells for him. Instead he shifted into a wolf, turning so he was facing the alpha.

Yifan was also staring the alpha down, his red eyes seemed to bore into the black wolf's own dark orbs.

Jay was about to leap at the alpha when the black wolf started to twitch. Jay watched with amazement as the alpha pawed the ground, clearly uncomfortable. His head was snapping in all directions, his teeth clenching as if he was fighting something from the inside.

Yifan's gaze got stronger as he raised his body, standing up at his full height, looking down at the werewolves by his feet.

The alpha was the top dog (no pun intended.) He was the one who everyone answered to. Jay was ready to fight against his wolf instincts and attack his alpha for Tao. But obviously, Yifan's got that covered.

For the first time, the alpha bowed his head. Against his will though. Yifan was  trying to pull the same trick he used on Jay when they were fighting.

Although no one succeeded in making the alpha submit, Yifan seemed pretty damn close. Jay watched, his mouth wide open with surprise as the alpha shifted back into human.

Yifan had done it. He made the alpha submit. Tao seemed to understand this because he was cheering and hugging the dragon's neck.

Jay sighed in defeat as he morphed back into human, climbing on Yifan's back.

"Hang on."

Jay tightened his hold on Yifan's golden scales as the dragon flapped his wings. In seconds they were in the air, the werewolf village slowly shrinking.

Jay turned to see the alpha staring at him.

Although he closed off his mind link, Jay knew what the alpha was telling him. He only wished he didn't.

 He only wished he didn't

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