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Tao slowly opened his eyes when he felt something tighten around his waist. He was startled that the first thing he saw was a bird, staring at him.

How did a bird get into his room? He flinched when he felt something crawl over his hand. Tao looked down to see a caterpillar crawling slowly off his hand. He shook it off, trying not to scream. Tao turned his head only to find Yifan inches away from his face.

Tao and Yifan had grown tired of everyone ignoring them while getting the castle ready for their wedding. They don't understand why everyone was making a big deal out of it. The wedding was just a deal to combine two kingdom, nothing more nothing less.

Tao sighed as he rested his head back on the tree trunk. The two of them climbed a tree the night before and decided to sleep there, which resulting in Tao and Yifan getting very comfy on a wide branch. Tao's breath hitched when he felt a sudden weight on his shoulder. He slowly turned his head and relaxed when he saw Yifan's head resting on Tao's shoulder. Tao couldn't help but stare at the man. Yifan was near perfection, at least to Tao. Everything about his looks or his face just seemed so...Yifan. Like no one else could pull off those eyes or nose. The only thing Tao didn't like was the colors, or lack of colors Yifan chose to wear. Unlike Tao, who leaned more on the pastel side, there wasn't a day that Yifan had not worn black.

"Morning Peach."
Tao jumped when he suddenly heard Yifan's low voice cut through the silence.

"Oh my god you scared me."

Yifan chuckled, "Enjoying the view?"

Tao scoffed and pushed him off the branch. Yifan yelled as he fell from the 50 foot perch. Tao leaned over the side to see Yifan floating in mid air.

Tao grinned, "I forgot you can fly."

Yifan levitated back to the branch and sat next to Tao again.

"You're lucky I have fast refle-"

Tao cut him off by pushing him off the branch again.

"You have to stop doing that!"

Tao giggled as Yifan floated up again but staying well away from Tao's reach.

"We should go back." Yifan said, holding his hand out for Tao. Tao nodded and took his outreached palm. Yifan's large hand enveloped Tao's thinner one. Tao smiled lightly to himself as Yifan held him to his body as they slowly drifted down to the ground. As soon as Tao's foot set down the ground, Yifan let go of his body. Tao stepped away but squeezed Yifan's hand. Yifan looked at him with confusion.

Tao looked down before responding, "C-can I hold your hand...." Yifan smiled at Tao's shy tone.
He let go of Tao's hand before intertwining their fingers. Tao smiled widely as Yifan started walking, "Come on, they must be worried."


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Xiumin sat straight up when he heard Luhan's scream. He shot out of bed and ran towards the sound, despite him being shirtless. Luhan was standing outside of Yifan's chamber, gaping at what was inside.

Xiumin ran to his side while a sleepy Sehun was walking out of his room.

"What?! What is it!"

Luhan turned to Xiumin and flushed bright red when he saw the older's (impressive) upper body.

"I-I um...Yifan's missing!"

Xiumin furrowed his eyebrows as he pushed past the still blushing Lunan, "What do you mean missi- oh."

Yifan's chamber was empty, the bed wasn't messed up and the windows were closed.


Xiumin sighed when he heard Baekhyun's scream. With Luhan, he ran to Baekhyun who was standing in front of Tao's room.

"What?" Xiumin asked, slightly irritated that he was woken up so early.

"Tao's missing!"

Luhan's eyes widened, "No way! Yifan's missing too!"

Sehun smirked, "Do you think they went missing together, you know. A little pre-wedding fun."

He was quickly hit by two small men named Baekhyun and Luhan. Xiumin walked inside Tao's room, hoping to find a note. He looked around the room but froze when he saw something in the window.

"Uh..guys. I think you might want to see this."

The main gates were visible from Tao's room and Xiumin could currently see two figures walking towards the main doorway. The taller one was saying something while the shorter one seemed to be laughing.

"Are they...HOLDING HANDS!" Luhan squealed as he held onto Baekhyun, who was equally squealing as loudly.

Sehun groaned as he plugged his ears, "And I thought Baekhyun and Tao were bad."

Xiumin sighed heavily, trying to suppress his anger, "Sehun, fly down now."

Sehun opened Tao's windows and climbed onto the room. He spread his wings while jumping off the side. Xiumin stormed down to the main entrance, he had some lecturing to do.

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