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They say love is like air.

You can't see it but you know it's there.

Thank god love isn't visible because it wouldn't have been everywhere.

Between the five couples, at every corner there was a sickening sweet scene going on. Sehun was going out of his mind. He also felt lonely. Being the youngest meant that a lot of attention was on him. Not to mention, Kai did not like the attention so the Maknae was spoiled even more.
Now that all of his brothers had someone else, Sehun was all alone. Moping in the corner with a stuffed dog to keep him company. He wanted to mess with Baekhyun with Kai but Kai left with Kyungsoo to the village. He wanted to fly with Tao but Yifan had stolen Tao and now Sehun can't find them.

He didn't even have the attention of his own mother! He was too busy with Junmyeon. Sehun groaned as he brought his legs up to his body. He was bored out of his mind and no one would play with him.

Sehun wrapped his wings around himself, slightly rubbing each individual feather as he kept thinking to himself. Maybe tomorrow, he could go picking for boom berries with Kai. He hasn't gone picking for boom berries in forever.

Boom berries were exactly what they sounded like. If they were handled too roughly...BOOM. Berry pulp everywhere.

"Hey squirt, you okay?"

Sehun looked up to see Jongdae standing above him. Sehun furrowed his eyebrows, "Why are you calling me squirt? I'm a head taller than you."

Jongdae smiled, showing off that Cheshire Cat smile, "No it's because you look like a kid that just found out Santa's not real."

"Santa isn't real?!"

"Aren't you like 17?"

Jongdae quickly changed the subject when he saw Sehun blink at him in confusion, "Never mind, hey I want to show you something."
He held out a hand which Sehun took gratefully.

"Because that little pup stole my partner in crime, I need a new one." Jongdae explained as he led Sehun up to his chamber.

"Are you up for the job?"

"Are you going to get a boyfriend any time soon?"

"I'm straight."

"Yah okay, are you?"


Sehun grinned, "Partner!"

Jongdae led him over to a table full of weird gadgets. Sehun gasped when he saw a gun-like object. He picked it up and started playing with it, much to
Jongdae's dismay.
"Jeez squirt, put that down before you break something."

Sehun smiled deviously and pointed it towards Jongdae and pulled the trigger. Jongdae stared at him, "Did you just try to shoot me? Do you even know what the ammo is?!"

Sehun shrugged and put the gun down, "I'm disappointed, it's not loaded."

Jongdae snatched the gun and glared at Sehun, "Yeah because I didn't find good ammo yet."

Sehun frowned. A thought popped into his head and he smiled, "Hey hyung, do you know what boom berries are?"

 A thought popped into his head and he smiled, "Hey hyung, do you know what boom berries are?"

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Tao smiled as Yifan traced his arm with his finger. They were lying in their bedroom talking, joking, and kissing. After Yifan's birthday, the two had become even more inseparable.

"Hey peach do you wa-"

Yifan was interrupted by the chamber door swinging open, slamming against the wall as Sehun and Jongdae jumped into their room.

Sehun was holding a gun and Jongdae was smiling evilly behind him. Yifan's eyes widened as he realized what had happened.

His little brother somehow influenced Sehun to be a little shit, just like him.

"This is for not going flying with me." Sehun yelled as he pulled the trigger. Tao screamed as a purple berry shot out of the cannon, exploding in their faces.

Tao glared at Sehun as he tried to wipe away the sticky purple goop that was once a boom berry. Sehun laughed loudly as he ran out of the room, looking for his next target.

Sorry for this short chapter, it's kinda of a filler before all the drama and shit start so

So, here you go.
Sehun and Jongdae being little shits.

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