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Tao woke to low mumbling. He cracked open an eye, flinching when the bright morning light temporarily blinded him. He yawned as he opened both eyes, slightly stretching out his arms as he slowly woke. He turned towards Yifan who was still asleep. The older male seemed bothered in his sleep. His eyebrows were furrowed and he was mumbling incoherent words. Tao frowned. Yifan looked troubled and Tao hated that. The shorter male pulled himself up as he rolled onto Yifan. Grinning as he rested his chin on Yifan's chest, only inches away from the older's lips.

Tao whispered soothing words to Yifan as he placed a chaste kiss on the asleep male's lips. Yifan's face immediately relaxed as he calmed, his lips slowly tugging upwards into a soft smile. It took only minutes for the older male to wake up. His face brightened as he was welcomed by Tao's smiling face.

"Good morning baby." Tao cooed as he nudged Yifan's nose with his own. Yifan chuckled lowly as his hands traveled down Tao's body, finally resting on the backs of his bare thighs. The younger had picked up a habit of sleeping in boxers and Yifan's T-shirts. The sight was purely enthralling. Seeing your lover wearing your clothes made Yifan feel a certain way and he loved it.

The morning passed quickly, filled with long kisses and quiet whispers. Yifan's hand tugged Tao's unruly hair behind his ear every once in a while as he worshipped the younger's body. Tao had kicked the bed covers off him and Yifan. Yifan's body heat was enough for him. His long, thin feminine legs were out for show as they tangled with Yifan's sweatpant clad ones.

"Hey guys, they're calling you for lu-"
Tao and Yifan's head whipped towards the door as Jay barged in. His eyes widened as he took in the couple. Yifan growled lowly as he caught Jay staring at Tao's bare legs.
Tao yelped as he pulled the covers over him and Yifan, hiding his red face in Yifan's chest. Yifan chuckled as he ruffled Tao's hair.

"What's that Jay?"
Jay cleared his throat and repeated what he was about to say, "I-i was just saying how they want you down for lunch."

Yifan nodded and dismissed Jay. He waited till the werewolf left the room before lifting Tao's face off his chest.

"Embarrassed peach?"

Tao nodded and ignored Yifan's laughs as he rolled off of the taller male. The dark haired boy lifted himself off the bed before shuffling around, getting ready for the day ahead.

The two royal families were enjoying their free time

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The two royal families were enjoying their free time. No meetings, no pushy councilmen , it was just them.

Junmyeon leaned back against his husband as he watched his kids run around. It was cold, but still warm enough to sit outside without a heavy coat. For now, Junmyeon just settled with Yixing's body heat. He watched in amusement as Jongdae creeped up behind Sehun, who was completely oblivious. The mischievous male pushed Sehun into a pile of leaves and ran off before the younger could get his revenge. Tao and Yifan were up in a tree somewhere, enjoying their alone time. Luhan was gossiping with Baekhyun with the village ladies, ignoring his boyfriend.
Xiumin was upset at first but entertained himself by playing with a cow that made its way from the barn. Junmyeon smiled, all was good in the east kingdom.

Unfortunately that did not last.

Junmyeon heard a shout. He turned too see a young man, not much younger than Sehun come running up the hill from the village. His clothes were ripped and stained with blood, his feet were bare and cut up. His hand was clenched on his side, probably holding a wound.

Yixing was the first to react, he sped towards the hurt male and laid him down, starting on his wounds immediately. Junmyeon shrugged off his cape as he covered the boy with it, desperately trying to keep the boy warm from the late November air.

The boy coughed blood, dirtying the king's cape but that was the last thing on Junmyeon's mind.

Yixing kept working until the boy finally relaxed. Yixing slumped against Junmyeon as the princes gathered around the hurt male.

"What happened?!"

The boy's bottom lip quivered as if he was remembering something traumatizing, "I...I was out hunting with my family....and all of a sudden my uncle was dragged into the bushes. Than my brother and my father was last. I heard their screaming and the thing grabbed me too. I managed to escape but..."

Yixing held the boy against his body, rubbing his back comfortingly. The scratched up boy just cried on his queen's shoulder.

Tao's chest ached as he knelt down, patting the boy's shoulder. He looked so young, younger than Tao and he had to go through something that traumatic.

"What's your name? Do you know what attacked you?" Baekhyun knelt down as well.

The boy shook his head, "No....I couldn't see. But my name is Yugyeom."

Yixing sighed as he called for couple maids. He passed Yugyeom to them, making sure that they would treat him with the upmost care.

Yifan sighed as he brought Tao back into his arms. Tao buried his face in the taller's chest, sniffing the piney cinnamon scent that was Yifan.

"There must be a way we could track down this attacker." Xiumin said, sitting on the ground with Luhan laying next to him.

Jay snapped his fingers, "I could get one of my pack's trackers to come here, but I need to take someone from the east kingdom."

Yifan's eyes narrowed, "Why the east?"

Jay scratched the back of his neck nervously, "Our alpha and your dad don't get along very well. King Junmyeon on the other hand...."

"I'll go."

Twelve head swiveled in Tao's direction.

Yifan was the most shocked, "What no! I won't let you go alone."

Jay smiled, "He won't be alone, I'll be there."

Yifan was hesitant. Tao took Yifan's hand into his own.

"Gege, I have to do this. The attacker might come back. Besides werewolves don't let outsiders in their territory. I can pretend to be a werewolf."

"So can Yixing!"

Yixing shook his head, "The alpha knows me. I can't."

"But your the queen! They have to let you in."

Jay shook his head, "It's ancient rules bud. Tao's our only chance."

Yifan growled lowly. Tao could feel his body heat up exponentially. The younger was quick to join their lips together. Yifan pulled Tao closer as the other's averted their eyes.

Tao pulled away and knocked his forehead gently against Yifan's, "You can always mind message me okay?"

Yifan nodded, his hands sliding down Tao's bare arms until the younger's slim fingers were interlaced with his own. Tao turned a light shade of red as Yifan brought his hand up to his mouth, pressing a soft kiss against Tao's wedding ring.

"Be careful."

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