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Yifan pulled away, smiling as he slowly dragged a finger against Tao's cheek. Tao grabbed his fingers and gave them a light squeeze before pushing Yifan away.

"Yifan, please. Try to change."

Yifan nodded and closed his eyes. Tao watched intently as he got pulled back by Chanyeol. Yifan let out a cry as he doubled over. Tao tried to run to him but Chanyeol kept his arms right around Tao, not letting him out of his grasp.

Tao's eyes teared up as he watched Yifan writhe in pain. Tao wants to help him desperately, but he doesn't know what he could do. He just wants to take Yifan's pain away.

Suddenly Yifan went still. Tao choked back a sob as he freed himself from Chanyeol. He ran to Yifan's side and almost touched his shoulder when Yifan started to glow. Tao's eyes widened as Yifan turned a goldish color, his smooth skin being replaced by scales. Tao winced when he heard Yifan's bones cracking and moving into a different position.

"Kai he's breaking every bone in his body!"

"It's okay, Mama said that this only happens the first time. The change will be painless after this."

Tao covered his eyes as bright light radiated from Yifan's body. He stumbled backwards, tripping over his feet as he tried to give Yifan some space. Xiumin caught him by his arms and helped him stand.

Baekhyun frowned, "Why does he look like a bomb about to explode?"

"Uh...you guys might want to back up. Mama says Yifan is going to burst any second now."


"Metaphorically but you still might want to back up."

Tao rolled his eyes but got up, brushing the dirt off his tan pants. He walked back to where everyone else was standing, near the castle and well away from Yifan. Tao bit at his fingernail as he watched nervously. Kai put a hand on his shoulder, squeezing gently as if to reassure Tao that Yifan was okay. Tao smiled gratefully at Kai before turning his attention back to Yifan. He squinted his eyes when the light died down. Was it over? Suddenly a huge explosion came from Yifan. Tao screamed as he turned his back to the explosion, wind rushing over his body as his eyes reflexively shut, due to the sudden brightness. Tao froze when he heard a low growl. He slowly turned around, mouth dropping when he caught sight Yifan.

His normal six foot human body was replaced by a golden dragon, reaching well over thirty feet long. Yifan streched his wings, his scales shimmering in the sun like a thousand golden coins. Tao gulped as Yifan stepped in their direction, causing a slight tremor. Tao could hear Chanyeol swearing under his breath.

Tao stepped forward putting his hand up in the air, giggling when Yifan let him pat his muzzle. Yifan lowered his head and neck until he was almost lying on the ground. Tao stared at him, confused.

"Get on."

Tao jumped when he heard the low voice of Ryu.

"Y-You can talk?"

"Of course I can talk, now get on. Yifan's pestering me to take you on a ride."

Tao turned back, trying to catch a glimpse of approval from Xiumin. Xiumin just smiled and nodded. Tao grinned and grabbed onto one of Yifan's horns, pulling himself up until he was seated comfortably on Yifan's back.

"You might want to hang on tight."

Tao tightened his grip on Yifan's golden scales, digging his knees into Yifan's side making sure that he won't fall mid-flight. Tao let out a yell as Yifan propelled himself into the air. Tao's eyes squeezed shut as the sudden cold air nipped at his face. His hold tightened until his knuckles were turning white, his hair whipping in all directions, his loose, white cotton tunic billowing in the wind. Suddenly Yifan leveled out. Tao slowly opened his eyes, gasping at the sight around him.

The sun was setting, the sky was a mixture of blues, purples, gold. It was like the sky itself was a palette of colors. Tao wanted to say something, anything... but the words got caught in his throat. The scenery around him was too gorgeous. Tao leaned over, reaching his hand out to touch a cloud. Yifan made a noise, which sounded like a chuckle as Tao wiggled his fingers in the clouds.

"It's gorgeous up here." Tao finally sighed. Yifan dived into a cloud, causing Tao to scream. They leveled out once more, Tao breathed heavily as Yifan chuckled.

"Hey Yifan?"

"I'm Ryu but what is it?"

"Why are you and Yifan two different people?"

"I'm not a person Tao. I'm more of a .....how do I put it?...A spirit."

"A spirit?"

"Yes, I have laid dormant in Yifan's body his whole life. It was time I took control."

"He'll come back though right?"

"Yes but I will always be able to communicate with him, like a conscience. A really freaking smart one."

"You're also very modest." Tao rolled his eyes.

Dragon-Yifan just smirked before dive bombing.

Tao flopped on his bed, sighing loudly as his body hit the soft mattress

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Tao flopped on his bed, sighing loudly as his body hit the soft mattress. It's been a long day. He sighed and closed his eyes, not even bothering changing out of his muddy jeans. His boots were hanging loose off his feet, the laces undone.

He lifted his head slightly and turned to look behind him when he heard his chamber door creak open. Yifan was leaning against the wooden door, studying him.
Tao laid his head back down and closed his eyes.
"Tired Peach?"

Tao mumbled a response not bothering that Yifan probably didn't understand a word he said. Yifan chuckled lowly and walked slowly over to Tao. He slipped Tao's boots off with nimble fingers, putting them against the wall. He walked to the other side of the room, tugging open the doors of Tao's closet. He pulled out the first shirt he saw and walked back over to the sleepy boy.

"Come on peach, cooperate with me." Yifan whispered, pulling Tao up to a sitting position. Tao whined, eyes still closed. Yifan wrestled Tao out of his current cotton tunic and slipped on the clean shirt.

"Okay Tao, you have to do the pants yourself." Yifan chided as he held out a pair of night pants.
Yifan turned to the boy to find him curled up in a ball, fast asleep. Yifan groaned and swung the night pants over his shoulder. With his free hands he slipped Tao's jeans off of him. Yifan quickly redressed Tao. With a sigh he let the younger boy fall back onto the mattress. Yifan chuckled humorless as he tossed the dirty clothes into the laundry hamper. He flicked his finger at the lanterns lighting up the room, taking the flame away, sending the room into darkness. He padded over to the bed and slipped under the covers, letting Tao use his chest as a pillow. He smiled when Tao mumbled something incoherent in his sleep. Yifan ran his fingers through Tao's soft blonde hair while humming quietly as he settled down himself. He froze when he felt Tao's thin arm creep along his stomach until his hand clutched Yifan's side, holding him close as if he was an oversized teddy bear. Yifan chuckled at his cuteness and closed his eyes.

"You got yourself a cute one."
Yifan smiled when he heard Ryu's voice in his head.

"Yea I'm lucky to have him."

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