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I'm sorry.

Xiumin was the first to react. He spewed out his drink as he stared at the two kings.


Tao's eyes widened as he looked at Yifan hopelessly, "You can't...I'm only 18! I...I can't do this. Running a kingdom. No. Two kingdoms. Why now? Nothing's bad going to happen and I .... AHHHH NO NO NO."

Yifan raced to the younger male, holding him in his arms as he whispered sweet nothings, trying to calm his lover down. Tao's breath was labored as he rocked back and forth, wheezing every once in a while.

"In all due respect...." Kyungsoo smacked his lips together nervously as he looked at his father, "Isn't it a bit early? I mean Tao barely got used to having Yifan as his husband, Yifan is just learning to master his shapeshifting an-"

Raon raised a hand in the air, "What do mean.... shapeshifting?"

Yifan looked up from Tao and grinned sheepishly, "I can turn into a dragon? Actually he's like another conscious in my head. His name is Ryu."

Raon let out a loud laugh as he clapped his hands together, "Even better! This is wonderful. They are definitely ready!"

Tao tried to protest but only gibberish came out of his mouth. Yifan shushed him again and pulled him onto his lap.

Yixing grinned proudly, "Okay if we all agree....we should start planning the coronation!"

Baekhyun cheered as he sat on his mother's lap, "Finally! Something I understand. Alright so I was thinking we should have it at the same spot as Yifan and tao's wedding you know? To have some sentime-"

He was cut off by Tao running out of the room.

Yifan sighed heavily before getting up, "I'll talk to him."

Yifan groaned as he looked into yet another empty room

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Yifan groaned as he looked into yet another empty room.

Where in the world was that boy?

Yifan sighed as he walked outside. There was one place that Tao could be.
Yifan had found him there on other occasions.

Like when Luhan and Jongdae told him a scary story and he ended up crying. Or when Xiumin ate the last of his ice cream. (That was not a pretty day in the castle.)

Yifan wrapped his cape around him tighter as he stepped out in the early December weather, "Taozi?"

There was silence before he heard a faint 'here'.

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