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The Fallen (EXO Fanfiction) by Nin-Ninjae
The Fallen (EXO Fanfiction)by Nin-Ninjae
"If there is one thing I remember vividly from my vague childhood days, it's them. Twelve amazing stars that shone so bright against the backdrop of the velvet nigh...
  • schoollife
  • mamaau
  • exo
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King [Taoris] by emoEmuu
King [Taoris]by Navi ✨ [ HIATUS]
Tao is part of a plan to join together two kingdoms. Too bad he doesn't know that. 18- year old Tao, a simple minded prince who loves nature, wearing white clothes and...
  • junmyeon
  • kris
  • xiuhan
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🌸  The Flower Boy 🌸  by YanMei23
🌸 The Flower Boy 🌸 by YᴀɴMᴇɪ
"So... you're basically a human flashlight? And you're like some walking fire hazard?" "I mean, if you want to put it like that...". 🌸 🌷...
  • maleoc
  • zhangyixing
  • powers
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The Pitch || EXO  by CuteSquishy
The Pitch || EXO by Cute Squishy
What happens when the world is suddenly void of all people over the age of thirty and under the age of twenty? Where have they all gone? What will become of the world th...
  • jongin
  • vanishing
  • powers
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monster by blackhawk1010
monsterby Windowstory
12 kekuatan suci tercipta untuk melindungi pohon kehidupan sebagai penyeimbang dunia . Namun 3 dari 12 kekuatan suci telah di bunuh dan pohon kehidupan mulai tidak seimb...
  • chen
  • xiuho
  • xiumin
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Incandesent by whoatethepizza
Incandesentby whoatethepizza
he bought warmth into the world she stole his fire
  • jongdae
  • exofanfic
  • sehun
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Fires In Eden (Exo Fanfiction) by wcderland
Fires In Eden (Exo Fanfiction)by Waniya ✨
The ancient land of Serra once united with the grace of the 12 powerful forces, is divided into two Kingdoms. One, Now called The kingdom of Flames, Ruled by the Notorio...
  • baekhyun
  • imagines
  • mamaau
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Subjects 3XO by dalalaeda
Subjects 3XOby Frey
What can you do if not just your life, or your world, is changing... ❝These strange things keep happening.❞ but you... ❝Don't let them catch you.❞ are... ❝We have to hid...
  • fanfiction
  • fantasy
  • exok
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Uprising by sunsetsuho
Uprisingby mia💝
The year is 2216. Due to strange reasons, a small population of South Korea has been altered genetically altered to possess supernatural powers. Out of the 200 people...
  • angst
  • kpop
  • mamaau
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On Ebb by korekrypta
On Ebbby korekrypta
Sehun thinks he's got his hands full when his best friend, the princess of Exoplanet, has her memories wiped for the seventh time in an attempt to curb her volatile magi...
  • exok
  • mama
  • exom
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perpetuity ; au by eggsoo
perpetuity ; auby ora
[ possible romance later on ] Exo is a planet which is support by the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is protected by twelve guardians. There are twelve guardians for ev...
  • exok
  • exoau
  • romance
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☪XIIAVIOR by eunthebyun
☪XIIAVIORby eunthebyun
When you're given a job, you do it. Why? Because if you don't do it, then—who will? ••• She still remembered the bloodstained snow on that December night. When the clock...
  • kpop
  • fantasy
  • mamaau
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EXO: One or Two? by luludeerblowdatflute
EXO: One or Two?by Grandma Deer
12 boys, 12 different persons, and 1 enemy. After separating from each other for more than 5 years, they finally must come together to defeat an old enemy of theirs. &qu...
  • superpowers
  • mamaau
  • kpop
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Stubborn Pride by Sehun_x_Baek
Stubborn Prideby Boo-Bun
[SEBAEK 💗 COMPLETED] 8,773 words Sehun's stubborn pride wouldn't allow him to let anyone know that he actually liked Baekhyun, a lot. As far as everyone else was concer...
  • sehun
  • fluff
  • hunbaek
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I Don't Love You!! by Sehun_x_Baek
I Don't Love You!!by Boo-Bun
[SEBAEK 💗 COMPLETED] 11,717 words Sehun was one of the strongest knights of Exo kingdom, and Baekhyun despised least he wanted to think so, but Baekhyun's out...
  • sebaek
  • chansoo
  • kyungsoo
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