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Yixing had seen some strange things. Of course, being the queen of a magical kingdom did have its strange perks. But this morning was the first time he walked in on his oldest child lecturing the two heirs of the kingdoms.

Tao seemed ready to cry while Yifan seemed very uncomfortable.

"Unbelievable. You both are heirs to this kingdom. You are about to get married in six...SIX days. You're not children anymore, stop acting like it!"

Yixing sighed before rushing to Xiumin's side, "Honey why are you yelling at them?"

Xiumin closed his eyes, trying to control his temper. The chair he was gripping was already turning slowly into pure ice. The room temperature was slowly dropping.

"Xiumin listen to me." Yixing held Xiumin's cheeks with both hands, forcing the boy to turn to him.

"Calm down, I'm sure that whatever Tao and Yifan did, it's not that bad. Let's talk this through."

Xiumin closed his eyes and took a deep breath. All the ice started to slowly melt while the room returned to its normal temperature. Tao let out a breath of relief while Yifan's rubbing Tao's knuckles, trying to calm the younger boy down.

"Okay, what happened?"

"Tao and Yifan decide-"
Xiumin was cut off by a loud noise. Sehun bit into an apple, causing the crunch to radiate around the room. He continued chew loudly until he realized that six people were staring at him. He grinned sheepishly with a mouthful of apple before putting the half eaten fruit aside.

Xiumin cleared his throat before he continued, "As I was saying. Tao and Yifan decided to disappear for the night and sleep in the forest...the rouge wolf infested forest."

Yifan heard Tao hiss from beside him, "What's wrong?"

Tao tried hiding his face from Xiumin who was glaring at him, "I forgot that the rouge wolves lived in the forest."

"Rouge wolves? You mean -"

"Werewolves that lose their touch with humanity and become blood thirsty beasts for the rest of their lives."

"And we slept in that forest?"


"Well shit."


Yixing sighed, "Tao..."

Tao smiled sheepishly, "Sorry mom, I kinda forgot about the wolves."

Yixing groaned, "Tao you can't be so careless anymore! You have a lot riding on your shoulder. Both your shoulders."

Tao looked down, ashamed that he had let his mother down, "I'm sorry."

"That was a bad idea

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"That was a bad idea."

"It was worth it."

"How in any way was that worth it?"

"I got to spend time with you."

Tao dropped the book that he was carrying to the window sill, causing a loud thump that echoed around the library. He bowed to the librarian as she glared at him. Yifan smiled at Tao's reaction to his words. Tao gasped and smacked Yifan with his book.

"Don't say things like that!"

Yifan leaned closer, "Things like what? The truth?"


Yifan chuckled as Tao continued to whine while trying to hide behind the book he was reading.

"Stop distracting me, I've got a test coming up."

"A test?"

Tao nodded, "Mom makes us take classes with the royal scholar."

Yifan grinned as he leaned back against the cushions, resting his feet next to Tao. Tao was leaning on the opposite side while entangling his legs with Yifan.

"I remember those days."

"You're like 20 right now, that was only two years ago."

Yifan rolled his eyes, "I'm actually 21 but I'll take that as a compliment."

Tao scoffed, "I was a year off and honestly, I was being nice. You look 25."

Yifan gasped dramatically and kicked Tao's calf with his foot. Tao lowered the book and glared at Yifan before going back to his reading.

"Oh no you don't." Yifan mumbled as he leaned towards Tao. Tao gasped at Yifan's sudden closeness. He let out a loud as Yifan brushed his fingers against his sensitive waist. Yifan grinned, now knowing Tao's weakness. He continued to tickle Tao, earning loud, heart warming laughter. They were stopped by a cough. Yifan turned to see the librarian staring at them.

"Excuse me young princes. Do you mind keeping it down, you are in a library."

Tao blushed as he pushed Yifan away with his book.

"Sorry Miss Yoon."

Yifan glared at the woman as she walked away, earning a giggled and another smack on the chest from Tao.

Just a little fluff before the wedding. I hope you enjoyed ^.^

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