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Kai groaned as he spread out on his throne. Kyungsoo looked at him with pity as he polished his sword.
"What's wrong with you." Chanyeol spoke up, finally getting frustrated in the younger boy.
"I'm bored." Kai whined, stretching out the 'o' in bored.
"My poor baby." Luhan chimes as he pats Kai on the head. Kai grumbles as he tries to swat away Luhan's hand.
The ten of them were all passing time in the throne room. They were all bored but only Kai vocalized it. Which was stupid in Tao's opinion. Kai was a teleporter, and it seemed impossible to Tao to be bored if you could teleport anywhere you want.

"Hey! Let's go to the human dimension." Chanyeol piped up from his position on the couch, his head resting in Baekhyun's lap. Baekhyun's face lit up as he bent down, kissing Chanyeol on the nose, "That's a great idea!"

Xiumin held up one hand, "Whoa whoa, slow down. I don't think that's a good idea."

Kyungsoo frowned, "Why not? It sounds fine."

Sehun spoke up, "Besides, mom and dad aren't home. It might be our only chance."

Xiumin looked around the room, examining the nine other begging boys. He cracked.
"Fine but we are all sticking together."

Kai cheered and grabbed Kyungsoo's hand who dropped his sword to poke a finger at Luhan.

Xiumin held up his hands again, "Wait! We can't go dressed like this."

Tao looked around to see that they all were wearing baggy pants and cotton tunics. Clothes that weren't familiar with the other dimension.

"Everyone change into jeans and meet me outside." Xiumin ordered, pushing open the double doors. The ten of them ran to their respective chambers, excited for the adventure that lay ahead. Tao examined his wardrobe. He had already picked out a white shirt and he was going through an endless pile of pants to see what he was in the mood for wearing. There was a knock on the door as Tao frantically pulled on a pair of random shorts. He opened the door to see Yifan leaned against the frame, now dawned on black jeans and a plain white shirt, a golden necklace hung from his neck and his wrists adorned with a couple of matching bracelets.
"Wow." Tao opened his mouth before he could stop himself.
Yifan smiled, "What was that Tao?"

Tao's eyes widened as he quickly turned away, cheeks burning as he tried to hide from the man he just accidentally complimented. Yifan chuckled as he came up behind the embarrassed boy, wrapped his arms around Tao's body.
Tao leaned into Yifan's hug as they stood there in silence. Yifan was first to break it, "You look good, but we should go."

Tao nodded and turned while sliding his hand down Yifan's arm, at the end taking his hand into his own, intertwining their fingers.
"Let's go!"

Yifan smiled and stuffed his other hand in his pocket as they made their way down to the front of the castle. The nine other boys were already outside and dressed in a wide variety of colors. Xiumin was the only one in all black.

"Everyone hold hands." Kai ordered as he laced his fingers with Kyungsoo. Tao turned and took Xiumin's hand while Yifan simply grabbed Luhan's thin wrist.

With a gust of wind, they were gone. Tao pulled away once he felt his feet touch the ground. He ran to the closest bush and emptied his stomach. Like he said before, teleporting really didn't settle with him. Yifan rubbed his back comfortingly.

"You okay peach?"
"Fine." Tao mumbled as he wiped his mouth, his face contorted into disgust as he felt his own vomit on his face. Xiumin smiled and handed him a cotton handkerchief. Tao smiled gratefully and wiped his mouth before giving the now soiled piece of cloth back to his older brother.

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