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The years later:

Twenty years had passed since the battle between the werewolves and the royal family. As their first act as newly crowned Kings, Tao and Yifan had made sure to establish peace between the werewolf pack and the kingdom.

In their years of rule, a lot changed. Most of their councilmen had retired or passed away, leaving Yifan to appoint his brothers as the new council.

They all still lived in the same castle but a few new family members had joined them.

Xiumin and Luhan had another kid, a baby boy this time. Now they were stuck with a hormonal teenager who was sassier (unfortunately for Xiumin) then Baekhyun or Luhan. Ziya, their older daughter was a sweetheart and already was starting to help train some of the other kids.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol decided to travel the world, looking for new lands, new goods and cultures. They came home every other year until they had little Sanya. Then they permanently settled in the castle, helping their brothers rule the two kingdoms.
Kyungsoo and Kai surprisingly got together, only to go separate ways just a few years back. Kyungsoo was off, going from one large city to another, collecting information and knowledge. Kai became a crazy ass vigilante, a Robin Hood of sorts. He teleported from village to village, ridding it of crime and corruption. Although Tao fully believes, in time the two will come together once more.

Sehun became a very respected war general. In his times out in his yearly patrols around them borders of the two kingdoms, he stumbled upon an injured nymph. She was beautiful, like all nymphs and caught his attention instantly. After almost a year of wooing her, Sehun finally captured her heart and they married just two years after.

Jongdae as well found himself a suitable wife from his travels. A neighboring princess who he just happened to stumble across when he took the wrong turn heading back to his own castle. Twenty years and Kim Jongdae was still a dimwit.

Yixing suffered through four years of heartbreak before his body couldn't take it anymore. It was a sad time in the kingdoms when the former queen passed but at least he was in a better place, at his king's side watching over their children.

Tao missed his mother dearly. Not one day passed that he doesn't think of him. Yixing was such a prominent anchor in Tao's life and it was shocking when he was just.....gone.

Nevertheless, Tao carried himself through the pain, with help of his husband of course. And today, the kingdoms were celebrating an important milestone.

The coming of age of Tao and Yifan's eldest daughter, Zera.

Out of their three daughters, Zera was most fit to be the crown princess, hands down. She took after Yifan's height and Tao's slim frame. Her long black hair was braided to the side and fell almost to her lithe waist. There was a silver streak that ran through the length of her hair, something she received from a near death battle with a witch who was terrorizing the country side.

She also took after her Uncle Sehun and had huge retractable wings coming from her back except, instead of being white and feathery like a bird, they were pitch black and resembled dragon wings. Zera was a daddy's girl after all.

Tao grinned proudly when he saw her approach. Her cape (which was Tao's when he was her age) was flowing behind her. The hall was silent as her boots clunked heavily on the tiled floor. Traditionally, the princess would be wearing a large fluffy gown, maybe one that's pink or purple. But Zera was no traditional princess. Instead she dawned tight leather pants and a flowy black tunic. Tao's old cape was fastened to her shoulders and it suited her perfectly. 

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