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Jay yelped as he avoided another rouge wolf trap. He had been running for hours. His legs were starting to give out. Werewolves had their limits too. He panted as he ran up a hill, howling in victory when he saw the tall towers of a looming castle.
He had run all the way from the caves of Derwin (where almost all werewolves live) to the west kingdom to reunite with his friend only to find that he went to the east kingdom for some wedding.

Jay grunted as he pushed himself for the last mile. He was almost there. He picked up his speed but almost came to a stop when something caught his eye. He stopped in the bushes at the edge of the forest. There, was a young man. He was tending to a garden, smiling as he poured water over his flowers.


He heard the man call. Another man came out and Jay immediately recognized him as the queen of the East kingdom. Which meant this beauty was a prince. He watched as the queen hovered over a patch of wilting roses, waving his hand until they stood straight again.
The mystery man squealed as he hugged his mom, laughing as he bent over, smelling the flowers. There was another man, shorter with pink hair. Jay admitted that this man was gorgeous but he still liked the first man better.
Jay grinned as the man plucked one and put it on his ear. He liked the way the deep shade of red contrasted from the raven black which was his hair.

Jay watched as the queen walked back inside, deciding it was time to introduce himself. Jay shifted back into human and walked closer. The man stiffened when he saw Jay, his back turning towards him as he prepared to run. The shorter man held his ground as he examined Jay.


The man froze in his spot. Jay ran closer and stopped when he was only feet away from him. Jay almost swore when he realized the man was even more beautiful up close. His tall, lean frame was emphasized by his tight jeans and a baggy shirt that was too big for him, seeing how the clothe hung off his left shoulder .

His black hair was ruffled and Jay had an unreasonable urge to run his fingers through it.

"I..I'm Jay and I come from the West kingdom. I'm looking for the heir who came here."

The stranger squinted his eyes suspiciously, "Why?"

"He's my friend, it's been years since I've seen him."

The stranger's face relaxed as he smiled, "This is Luhan and I'm-"

He froze and his eye glazed over. Jay knew that he was getting a mind message. Werewolves communicated like that as well when they were in their wolf forms.

The stranger smiled apologetically, "I'm sorry, We have to go but I'll send one of my brothers down here to escort you."

Luhan glared at Jay before walking inside behind the beautiful stranger. Jay sighed. Luhan was freaking him out. It was like the shorter male could look inside his mind and know what he was thinking.

Jay froze when he heard flapping noises, like there was an overgrown bird flying by. He looked up to see a lean man gliding down. He had wings, white as the purest snow. They stretched well over 6 feet. Jay's mouth dropped as the young male landed on the ground in front of him.

"I'm Sehun, my brother said that you wanted to see the princes of the west?"

Jay nodded, "Actually just the heir, he's the only one that knows me."

Sehun nodded and motioned with his hand, "Come on."

Jay's mouth dropped open for what it seemed like the hundredth time as he took in the interior of the castle

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Jay's mouth dropped open for what it seemed like the hundredth time as he took in the interior of the castle.
It was big. Bigger than anything he's seen before, it was larger than his alpha's pack house.

Sehun smirked at the gapping man, "And now to the throne room."

Jay didn't know if he could be more amazed, but he was.
The throne room was far by the most impressive room he's seen. The high ceilings with the huge chandelier in the middle with a huge, exotic rug in the middle. Candles along the walls, lighting up the room. And there were 7 thrones, the middle one being the largest. Jay smiled when he caught sight of a familiar face sitting in one of the thrones.


Yifan's head snapped up, his jaw dropping when he saw his childhood friend.

"Jay?! Is that you!"

Yifan got up and raced over to his old friend, engulfing him in a hug that was long overdue.
Sehun smiled and patted Yifan's shoulder before leaving the throne room, giving the two friends some privacy.

Yifan smiled and dragged a chair in front of the throne and seated Jay. He sat in his own throne as he stared down Jay.

"So? How are you!" Yifan asked, still smiling.

Jay chuckled, amused by his friend's enthusiasm.

"Good I've actua-" Jay stopped when he saw a silver glint on Yifan's hand.

"Dude....is that a wedding ring?!"

Yifan's eyes widened, surprised at the sudden outburst. He looked down to see his dragon wedding band sitting proudly on his third finger.
He looked down as he nodded, "That's why we're here. The joining of the west and east kingdoms."

Jay gasped as he smacked Yifan's head, "Are you kidding me! You got hitched and didn't invite me to the wedding? What kind of friend are you?"

Yifan smiled sheepishly, "It wasn't my fault, it all kinda happened and at first it was arranged but I've come to love him."

Jay's mouth dropped again, "You got tied down...by a guy!"

Yifan rolled his eyes, "Shut up. You'll understand when you see him."

Jay wiggled his eyebrows, "Come on...show me Mrs.Wu."

Yifan rolled his eyes but nodded. Jay watched as Yifan's eyes glazed over. A small smile was a ghost on his lips as Yifan conversed with his husband. Jay smiled, it was the first time seeing Yifan smile like that. Completely smitten.
Yifan wasn't one for affections, it took Jay almost four years to befriend him. But once a friend, Yifan would die for you. He was loyal, something that Jay respected. Being a werewolf means that you have to be loyal. To your pack, to your alpha and to your mate.
Unfortunately, Jay didn't find anyone to mark but after seeing the stranger in the garden, Jay finally had his mind on someone.

That smile kept popping up in his mind, those feline eyes, that lean body. Jay was getting shivers just thinking about him.

Yifan grinned as the throne room doors creaked open, "Here comes my peach."

"Yifan Gege!"

Jay's eyes widened as a familiar man raced towards Yifan's open arms. The stranger from the garden.

Jay blinked, what if...what if the stranger had a twin? Yeah, that was it. They were twins and Yifan married one and Jay was going to have the other one.

The stranger made himself home in Yifan's lap, his smile widened as Yifan grabbed his hands, pulling him up for a sweet kiss.
"Peach why do you insist on wearing my shirts?"

The man from the garden shrugged as he looked down at his baggy shirt, "They're comfy, and they smell like you."

Yifan rolled his eyes but he had a smile on his lips. His eyes widened as if he just remember that Jay was still there.
"Jay, this is Tao, Tao this is my childhood frien-"


Jay's eyes widened. Yifan frowned, "You know Jay?"

"I met him outside."

So much for the twin theory.

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