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Yifan sighed as he stroked Tao's hair, holding him close as sobs racked through the younger's body. Jaehyun sat on the corner of the king sized bed, confused on why Tao was crying. She was too young to understand what had happened. As far as she was concerned, Grammy is just asleep.

"Shh peach it's okay." Yifan tried to soothe the younger boy. Tao just cried and cried. This was the first time he experienced loosing someone he really cared about.

Hours passed and Tao painfully cried himself to sleep. Luhan came by minutes later to take Jaehyun away. She obeyed with the promise of chocolate. Yifan sighed as he fingered the ring on his hand. He twisted it, letting the metal scuff against his skin, but not enough for it to hurt. Tao let out another whimper as he fidgeted in his sleep. Yifan got up and turned off all the lights. He snapped his fingers, creating a small flame. He lit a candle beside Tao's bed, so he wouldn't be left in total darkness. Yifan turned to look at Tao one last time before heading out of the room. He was about to close the door when he heard a faint whisper.

"Please don't go."

Yifan's heart ached when he heard the desperate plea. Yifan walked back into Tao's room, shutting the door behind him. He slipped off his shirt and pulled on one of Tao's loose sweatpants. He slid underneath the covers next to Tao. Tao wiggled closer as Yifan propped himself on his elbow. Tao curled himself into Yifan's chest. Yifan smiled softly as he wrapped an arm around Tao, holding him close to his body. He hissed slightly when he felt Tao's hands rest against his bare chest. The feeling of the cool metal from the wedding ring made him smile.
Yifan rubbed Tao's back comfortingly as he patted his waist rhythmically with his other arm.

"I'm here Peach....I'm here."

 Tao struggled to open his eyes

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Tao struggled to open his eyes. He was utterly exhausted and it felt like his eyes were sealed shut. He reached up to rub his eyes, only to grimace when he felt the dry tears. This was going to make him look very bloated, not to mention the bloodshot eyes. Tao yawned and finally opened his eyes. He was alone, which was weird. He swore he fell asleep with Yifan by his side. Tao shook his head, maybe he dreamed it. Yes, that was the only reasonable explanation. There was no way that Yifan would actually sleep next to Tao much less cuddle him.
Tao sat up, groaning when he felt a sharp pain in his head. Crying yourself to sleep has some serious after effects.
Tao sobered up to the thought of Grammy passing away. Tao was aware that she was old, and she wasn't going to live forever. It just hurt to lose someone you thought was immortal. Tao chuckled bitterly to himself.
He swung his legs off the bed and stood up shakily. He must be strong. For Jaehyun. For himself.
Tao showered and slowly dressed himself. He vaguely remembered Luhan taking Jaehyun away last night so that's the first place he's going to look for her. He slipped on a pair of old boots and made his way down the hallway. It was early but no one was in their chambers. The halls were empty and Tao could hear his footsteps echo through the hallway.

"Hello?" Tao called out as he peeked his head into Luhan's room. He was immediately greeted by a very energetic four year old.

"Tao!!!!" The little girl yelled as she jumped him. Tao caught her, sliding his arms underneath her making sure she wasn't going to fall.

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