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Tao swung his legs back and forth as he watched the water ripple. His toes scraped the surface of the water, disrupting the perfect reflection in the water. His breath hitched as a bubble of water floated out of the water, enveloping a small fish. Tao grinned.

He got up and turned, smiling when he saw two familiar faces standing at the end of the docks. Tao raced towards them, his bare feet pounding against the wooden dock as he ran towards his parents.

"Mom! Dad!" Tao yelled as he tackle hugged them. Yixing caught him and held him close as he spun. Yixing set him down and nuzzled his nose as a greeting. Tao giggled and moved to his dad who gave him an equally tight hug.

"When did you guys get back?!"

"Two minutes ago. We were walking to the castle when we saw you." Yixing explained as he kept his arms wrapped around his son.

"Come on, I bet the others are waiting."

In less than an hour, the twelve Royal family members were gathered around a huge bonfire set by Chanyeol. The sun was setting, the temperature was dropping but the mood was high.

There were couches set around the campfire for the members to sit comfortingly.

Yixing sipped out of a wine glass as he snuggled against Junmyeon.
"So what's new?"

The ten males immediately started talking all at once. Yixing laughed as he held up his hands, ignoring the bit of wine that spilled out of his cup, "Wait wait, one at a time."

Xiumin raised his hand, "Good news or bad?"


Xiumin stood up and posed, "I got a new look."

Chanyeol and Jongdae hooted as they threw their grapes at Xiumin, yelling at him to sit down. Xiumin sat pouting, only smiling when Luhan whispered compliments in his ear.

Tao patted Yifan's chest proudly, "Gege can turn into a dragon."

Yixing spat out the wine in his mouth as he stared at the couple, "What?!"

"When I collapsed at the wedding, it was just a catalyst to turn into a dragon. The spirit's name is Ryu and he's an ass." Yifan said, poking his head.

Tao giggled, "Hey, Ryu's not that bad."

"You're just saying that because he takes you on rides."

"That's not true!"


"Okay maybe it's a little true."

Yixing watched the two banter back and forth.

"Those two are closer than the last time I saw them."

Baekhyun turned to his mother who just sent a mind message, "Yeah Tao even kissed him before Yifan turned into a dragon."

Yixing smirked, praising himself on guessing that Tao and Yifan would naturally grow feelings for each other.

"Yifan, there's still a bit of light, mind if you show us."

Yifan nodded and pressed a kiss on Tao's cheek before getting up. He turned to see ten pairs of eyes staring at him. He flushed red, "R-Ryu likes the physical contact...H-he says it gives him strength."

Jongdae smiled mischievously, "Is the great Wu Yifan stammering?"

Yifan flicked a ball of flame at him. Jongdae yelped as he dove into the grass, avoiding the flame. Tao got up and slipped on his boots before joining Yifan in the field.
Yixing watched as Yifan elongated, golden scales growing out of him as he morphed.

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