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Usually Tao spent his mornings in his bed, sleeping away until one of his family members force him to get up. But today, Tao couldn't sleep. He tossed and turned until it was sunrise before pulling the covers off of his body. He got dressed angrily and walked to his garden, hoping that a early morning walk would soothe his body.

Tao stuffed his hands in his pockets as he walked slowly along the dirt path. He could hear the morning noises from the village. He smiled as a little boy raced by, herding cattle. Tao smiled to himself as a baby calf pushed itself out from under his mother and made his way to Tao. Tao knelt down and rubbed the calf's head, giggling when it licked his hand. The boy stared in horror as the calf he was responsible licked the heir of the throne.

He raced over to Tao and pulled the calf away. He sent the calf back to its mother before bowing from his waist.

"I'm so sorry Prince Tao, it won't happen again."
Tao smiled kindly as he ruffled the younger boy's hair. The boy watched with surprise as the prince just sent him off with kind words. Tao continued his walk until he stumbled upon a small creek. Tao hastily pulled both his leather boots off before racing to the bank of the creek. He sat on the edge, not caring for the grass stains that would appear on his butt. He dipped his feet in and giggled as the cold water rushed past his toes. He smiled as he leaned back, basking in the sun, eyes closed. Tao loved mornings.

He flinched when he heard a crack of a twig. Tao turned around, eyes widening when he caught sight of a familiar face.

"Good morning Peach."
Tao watched as Yifan slid his own boots off and joined Tao by the shore. Yifan,  unlike
Tao was dressed in all dark colors. Those black jeans and dark navy blue sweater were doing miracles to Yifan's body.
"Will you stop calling me that?!" Tao said, slightly flustered that the older male had found out about his most embarrassing nickname.

"I think it's cute, how did you get it?"

Tao sighed, "I would always eat peaches when I was little. I wouldn't eat dinner because I was too full on peaches. My mom always used to say how one day I'll turn into a peach because of how many I was eating so I stopped eating them."

Yifan chuckled as he laid on the grass, legs dangling off the cliff of the bank and toes dipped in the cool water.

"That's cute, I'll call you Peach from now on."

"Oh please don't"

Tao's pleads fell deaf against Yifan's ears as he let out a loud laugh. It fell silent again after a few minutes but Tao didn't mind. He liked the silence. It wasn't uncomfortable, actually it was contrary to that. Unlike Baekhyun or Sehun who would quickly grow restless in silence, Tao enjoyed it. He could hear himself think for once.

"What are we planning to do with everyone? I mean my brothers and your brothers."

Tao turned to Yifan as the older one spoke up.
"You mean who will stay where?"
Yifan nodded. Tao hummed as he thought of the appropriate answer.

"I kind of want all twelve of us to stay here, I mean I'm pretty sure my brothers have taken a liking to yours. Especially Xiumin and Baekhyun."

Yifan chuckled as he looked up at the incredibly blue sky, "I guess. Luhan has been talking non stop about Xiumin."
Tao giggled as he thought of the two being together. Yifan whipped his head towards Tao when he heard that beautiful sound trickle out of his mouth. Tao stole a glance at Yifan, only to find him already staring at Tao.

"What?" Tao asked, giggling nervously under Yifan's stare. Yifan smiled and shook his head, "Nothing."

"How was Yifan as a child?"Yixing asked with great interest

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"How was Yifan as a child?"
Yixing asked with great interest. Luhan put another forkful of eggs in his mouth as Chanyeol chuckled.
"Everyone thought he was adopted. The rest of us were so loud and energetic and Yifan was silent. He doesn't play around and puts up this cold facade. Even to this day. I haven't heard him laugh in mont-"

Chanyeol was cut off by Tao racing through the doors of the dining hall screaming. He was holding a pair of shoes, clearly not his because they were way too big. What was even more surprising was that Yifan came racing behind him, a large smile painted on his face. Tao giggled as he ran around the table, shaking the boots in the air.

"Aw come on peach, they're my favorite pair!"

Tao winked as he shook the boots again, "Come and get it Gege."

Yifan smirked and jumped over the table, clearing it by at least ten feet. Tao had forgotten one small detail.

Yifan could fly.

Tao screamed as Yifan landed behind him, wrapping his arms around Tao's thin torso making it so the younger boy doesn't go anywhere.

Baekhyun turned to Chanyeol, "What were you saying?"

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