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Okay so I have a new fic in the making (sorry not sorry)

And here's a little snippet!

Hope you enjoy!

After getting visions of a Great War, Mama spread her twelve pendents across the world, in hopes that twelve great warriors will find them and defeat the evil that was looming ahead.

These pendents held a powerful animal, one that is connected to their owner. Having a bond with a pendent increased your strength, speed and agility.

Only the greatest could bond with pendents but some seeked to use it's power for evil. So Mama created a prophecy, calling out the twelve great warriors, in hope that one day, they will save the world.

And it goes like this.....

Under the darkest of the light

At a place, only reachable by flight

On top of the highest mountains that scrape the sky

In the sands, hidden somewhere dry

Scattered across the lands

Are the twelve pendants

For our twelve warriors to rise

Okay like, it's kinda of a fantasy, avatar-ish, mamaAU

I'm going to try to start uploading as soon as possible but

What do you guys think?!

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