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Luhan frowned as he studied the yellow eyes that sat across him. Jay was acting innocent enough. But his gaze lingered on Tao, longer that Luhan would have liked.

Yixing had happily took in Jay and offered a huge dinner in his honor. Jay declined but there is no refusing Yixing. So here they sat, all thirteen of them, with Junmyeon sitting at the head of the table.

"Gah he's cute even when he eats."

Luhan stabbed at his salad angrily as he heard another one of Jay's thoughts. Xiumin turned to his boyfriend, confused on why he's acting this way.

"Lu you alright?"

Luhan nodded and simply told him to wait until they were alone. Jay's gaze turned to Xiumin and Luhan as they smiled at each other.

"I wonder if they're a couple."

Luhan smirked as he heard Jay's thoughts.

"Yes Jay, we are a couple."

Jay's eyes widened as he dropped his fork, "W-what..but how?!"

Xiumin grinned proudly as he showed off his lover, "Lu here can read minds!"

"And move things with my mind but let's not be specific." Luhan said nonchalantly.
But there was a warning laced with that sentence.

'Don't mess with me or my family.'

Jay gulped, "S-so you all have powers."

Junmyeon shrugged, "I don't like calling them powers, they're more like...abilities."

Yixing nodded, "There is a story. Long long ago, an alien king crash landed on earth. A young girl found him and healed up. The king fell in love with her and made her his queen. They ruled the earth together. But alas, the alien King had to return to his own planet, so he left all his abilities with his queen. And that got passed down and it branched out. Now, every member of a royal family around the world has at least one special talent. The more powerful you are, the more you can do."

Jay nodded as he sipped his wine, "Would you mind explaining your 'abilities'?"

Junmyeon smiled, "Of course! I control water. Although it's the only thing I can do, I have a powerful shapeshifter by my side."

Yixing blushed as he gently pushed his husband, "Stop flattering me. I can also heal others but I can't heal myself."

Jay's eyes widened, "Healing?! How does that work?"

Yixing hummed as he thought about how to answer the question, "I would say, I'm sucking the pain from your body into mine. The pain is snuffed in my body but it does hurt a bit."

Jay nodded as he turned to Sehun who was wiggling in his seat, anxious to answer, "What about you?"

Sehun grinned and flexed his arms. Yixing spoke out, "Not at the dinner table. Wings stay in the body."

Sehun rolled his eyes, "You saw my wings earlier right? I can also control wind. Like air drafts and breezes."


Jongdae wiggled his fingers, "I control the weather! I'm the weather wizard."

Yifan scoffed, "Shut up Jong, you can barely make it rain."

Jongdae gasped as he clutched his heart, as if Yifan's words drove a stake right through his chest, "Uh excuse me?! I cook up a pretty mean lightening bolt."

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