Chapter 52: Boys & Their Cages

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Kim nodded blankly then went back to staring at Willow's tweets. She wasn't sure what she'd been expecting. It was clearly back to business as usual in KKHollywood. Was that good or bad? It was good, right? Kim wasn't sure, but she felt hurt? for some weird reason that she was having trouble naming. It was just: OK. There was no mention of Kim in Willow's tweets at all. Not that she needed credit for like saving the world or whatever. But they'd had to be so careful about what they said and how they acted towards each other when Cassio was in the picture. And now he wasn't? And nothing had changed? Kim was so mad. Why was she so mad.

Kim stood up. "I need to go find Willow. I need to talk to her."

"Umm..." Rani said.


"Before we go shouldn't we, like, rescue Mary and Kate and all the male celebrities from your world?"

Kim rolled her eyes. "Ugh. Right. Yes. OK. Of course." Kim said. "Sorry. If you all want to go I'll take care of it. You've been locked up forever, everyone is probably desparate for a shower and outfit change or two."

"Nonsense," Maria said, as they all rose to their feet. "We'll see this through to the end with you."

"Where do we even go though?" Rani asked. "It's a literal maze down here, these caves are ancient and very poorly marked."

Kim walked over to the wall, placed her hand on the stone, and swiped the Scholar Kimoji.

"I see where they are, come on," Kim said, and began walking without waiting to see if the others were following her

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"I see where they are, come on," Kim said, and began walking without waiting to see if the others were following her.


The witches made their way through the caves, using their phones to light the way, all in a row behind Kim. Eventually the passage opened up into a cave where they found Mary and Kate lying unconscious on stone altars. There were a surprising amount of stone altars around these caves.

Maria and Kim rushed to their side. "They must have been held in some kind of suspended animation by a spell that has broken with Cassio's demise," Maria said. She waved her hands over their bodies and they slowly began to awake, very groggy and disoriented.

"I should escort them back to Chateau Nuit where they can recuperate," Maria said.

"What about Ash?" Kim asked.

"She's alive," Maria said. "She's somewhere. Her sisters and I will find her and take care of her."

"OK. Thank you."

"Thank you, Kim," Maria said. "You have restored the balance in KKHollywood and once again rescued us from certain danger."

"Well, you know. Gotta rep your brand."

Maria hugged Kim and held on to her. "I'll talk to you soon. We'll want to do something with your Kimoji, they are such a cool and powerful new form of magic."

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