Chapter 39: Love Me Or Leave Me

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The witches of Little Mix were arrayed in a circle behind Kanye, their hands outstretched, all of their energy devoted to maintaining the integrity of the portal. This was an impossibly complicated spell they were attempting, straddling two worlds, and Kim could see that they were struggling to control it, straining to maintain the integrity of the glowing orb that allowed them to bend the time and space in between the two realities. Kim could see their muscles trembling, their bodies shaking. They had seconds, Kim guessed, before the spell literally tore them apart.

"Kim, come on," Kanye pleaded. He stood at the lip of the portal, his hand held out to her. "Please, we have to get you home."

Kim's utter shock at seeing Kanye, her disbelief in the very fact of his presence, here, suddenly, was immediately subsumed beneath a layer of panic and worry for his safety.

"What are you doing?" Kim cried. "This is too dangerous! You shouldn't be here!"

Kanye's voice was low, determined. "Kim, I am not leaving you here. Come on."

Kim didn't move, and in noticing that she wasn't moving, instantly realized she had no idea what to do. She was desperate to leave, to be with Kanye and return home to her family. But she was also desperate to stay, to fix what was wrong with this world. She only had seconds to decide. She could see Jesy and Leigh-Anne's arms shaking, their bodies breaking down physically beneath the weight of the spell.

"Ummm hi? Excuse me? WHO are these people and WhAT are they doing in my bedroom?" Willow asked.

Kanye's eyes had been training directly on Kim, only on Kim, and now, for the first time, he looked over and noticed Willow sitting on the bed next to Kim. Like right next to Kim. And then his eyes traveled farther around the room, taking in the capacious and elegant bedroom, with its canopy bed and pastel walls and designer clothes strewn everywhere.

A look passed quickly across Kanye's face, a momentary combination of hurt and confusion. Kim suddenly realized how insane this must look to Kanye. She had disappeared--practically from his arms--weeks ago, and he would have had no idea who or what had taken her, or where. Who knows what horrors he must have imagined her enduring. And then he gets Little Mix to perform this very dangerous spell way above their pay grade so they can locate her, and they travel across who knows what distances to get to her, and they have no idea what to expect when they arrive so they're prepared to battle the impossible the moment they arrive in order to rescue her. It was a suicide mission, at best. And then they find her lying in a very comfy bed next to a hot blonde.

"This isn't what I imagined this would be like," Kanye said, his eyes continuing to wander the room.

"Kanye, you have to leave, it is too dangerous for you to be here."

"Really though it doesn't look that dangerous?"

"Wait," Willow said. "That's Kanye? That's your husband?" Willow did elevator eyes on Kanye, taking in the whole package. "He's hot."

"Who is this white girl?" Kanye asked pointedly.

"Both of you stop it!" Kim shouted. "Kanye. You can't be here. I can't protect you."

"I'm here to protect you, now come, let's go!"

Behind Kanye, Perrie's arms suddenly began shaking, violently, like there was an earthquake happening inside her and she was trying prevent it from exploding out of her. Blood began streaming out of her nose and her eyes rolled back into her head. The spell was about to collapse, or the witches of Little Mix were going to kill themselves in the process of maintaining it.

There was no more time.

"Kim," Kanye said. Urgency infusing every syllable even though he spoke calmly and simply, his hand out to Kim. "We have to go. Now."

"I know," Kim said. She was crying. "I'm sorry. I love you. Goodbye."

Kim swiped three powerful emoji in rapid succession: No Pedestrians, Back With Leftwards Arrow Above, and Anticlockwise Downwards and Upwards Open Circle Arrows. The room filled with light as the portal began to shimmer and break apart. A brief, horrified mix of confusion, understanding, and betrayal appeared on Kanye's face before he, and the orb, and Little Mix, all disappeared in a shower of sparks and lightning bolts.

The room was quiet. Kim was numb. She had a very distant sense that she was having a panic attack, that her heart was in fact about to crawl its way out of her chest and keep crawling and she would never see it again. But the emotions were too disconnected from anything she was able to feel. She was crying but she simply let the tears fall. She stared off into nothing, afraid to let her brain catch up and comprehend the horror of what she had just done.

Next to her, Willow sat up, looking from Kim, to the torched remains of her bedroom, and back to Kim.

"What did you," Willow asked. More to herself than Kim. "What did you just do?"

Kim shook her head, still staring blankly ahead. "It's not safe for him here. I had to protect him. He's safer far away from me. "If Cassio found him here, he'd be captured like all the other male celebrities. He'd get turned into some weird melty clone. I can't--." She struggled for more words. "Our daughter needs him. It wasn't safe."

Willow reached across the sheets and grabbed Kim's arm.

"No. Kim. What did you do?"

Kim blinked awake, brought back to reality by Willow's touch, and realized immediately that Willow wasn't even talking about Kanye, or the portal. She was talking about her bedroom.

It was gone. The entire half of her bedroom where the portal had been, it was gone. Not like, destroyed gone, but like gone, gone. Like there was nothing there.

Kim had been so desperate to get Kanye out of here that she had not only sent him and Little Mix and the portal away, but that entire side of the room as well. There was a huge, gaping hole where the portal had been, a dark circle outlined by clothing and furniture burned right in half where they had intersected with the orb.

"Oh," Kim said. "Umm. Ooops. Wow. OK."

"Where is he?" Willows asked, panic rising in her voice. "Where is he? What did you do?"

Kim turned to her. "Kanye? He's--"

"--No. Calum Woof. Where is he?"

"He's here. He and Tiny Banana were just--" Kim looked out across the hole to the wall where Tiny Banana had been clinging and freaking out, to where Calum had been standing and barking beneath him, before the portal arrived. The floor and walls where they had been were gone, and they were gone with it. There was nothing there now. Just blackness.

In her haste to save Kanye and Little Mix, Kim had destroyed Calum Woof, and Tiny Banana, and Tiny Ghost Monkey.


Very real talk can things possibly get any worse?


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