Chapter 41: One Hour Left

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Kim landed on the sidewalk with a thud and a whoosh of air. She stayed there, on the ground, unmoving. There was strange war being waged inside her body - she felt full of energy and power from having finally leveled up, finally regaining her rightful place as the number one most powerful celebrity in the world, but at the same time she had never felt so emotionally drained, so unable to do anything whatsoever.

She gasped for breath while her completely unchill heart pounded inside her chest and her brain raced to catch up with everything she had just learned.

Willow had been blocking her ascendence to power for weeks. Which means she was in on it with Cassio. His using K-Stars to transport the boy celebrities to KKHollywood in order to perform weird experiments on them, cloning them, duplicating them with weird misshapen faces and malformed bodies, whatever his insidious, ultimate goal was with the Kim Kardashian Memorial Foundation for Celebrityship, Willow was in on it.

Or wait, was she?

Brandon had said that the idea of Kim marrying him and uniting their brands was Cassio's plan to break the enchantment. That that would be the only way for her to undo the spell and ascend to the number one spot. And if that really was Cassio's idea for breaking the enchantment, than he must not have known that it was Willow who had created the spell. Which would mean Cassio had genuinely been trying to help Kim, in his own, dumb, stupid, gross, idiotic way.

And if Cassio had been the one trying to help her all along, while unbeknownst to both of them Willow had been the one holding Kim back...what did that even mean?

It meant Kim had no one to trust. It meant that when Kanye appeared before her, she should have leaped up, taken his hand in hers, and peaced Willow and this entire world out forever without a second thought. It meant, as usual, that the only person who'd be able to help her out of this mess was--

Kim's thought was interrupted by her phone ringing. She rolled over onto her back, aching and groaning, to see who it was. And of course: it was Kris.

Ugh, noooooooo, Kim's brain said.

The call automatically connected as soon as Kim lifted her phone. Kim held the phone at arm's length as Kris's voice came screaming out at her from the tiny speaker.


"Yeah, hi, sorry. I was in Florence, where they have the shittiest reception ever." Although now Kim realized perhaps it had been a blessing in disguise.

"I've been calling you like every hour! I didn't know what to do, I've been panicking! I've been so worried!"

"Well my phone wasn't working, sorry!" Kim held her breath, waiting for Kris's next sentence, which she knew was going to be a request, a demand, a favor, something. A phone never rang in this town without the person on the other end ordering you to do something. Go to this restaurant. Go to this photo shoot. Go adopt a dumb baby. Go ask Rando McRandomAss on a date. It was the fundamental flaw in the world: you were always having to do things.

But Kris surprised her.

"Are you OK?" Kris asked. "I was really worried, sweetie."

Kim blinked and paused, not even sure how to answer. "Umm. Yeah. I guess. It's been a weird couple of days. I'll be OK."

"You sound so tired, sweetie."

"I am," Kim admitted, feeling tears coming. "I am very, very tired."

"My poor sweetie. OK. Well, try to get some rest. I need you to meet me at So Chic in The Hamptons. The zombie battle begins in one hour."

Kim paused, confident that she did not hear what she thought she just heard.

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