Chapter 59: Kim Saves One Direction

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Emma rushed forward to attack the oncoming Modest monks. Kim used the Balloon emoji 🎈 on Zayn to make him light enough for Michael to carry by himself, so she could have her hands free to fight.

They made their way down the hallway, Emma dodging blows and whipping her vine wood wand around, sending Stupefy and Confundo spells hurtling ahead of them to clear the path. Michael followed, with Zayn thrown over his shoulder, Kim protecting their sides and 6 with her Fire 🔥 emojis.

They reached the foot of the grand curved staircase at the end of the hallway. Emma shot an Impedimenta curse up the stairs and monks went falling and flying over the handrails, leaving the steps clear.

"It's just up here, let's go," Emma said.

They raced up the stairs to the landing, where they found the door that led to Modest's most sacred inner chamber. There was a red neon sign blinking over the door that read "ARCANE CEREMONY IN PROGRESS."

"It's just through there," Emma said, pointing. "Go, I'll hold them off."

Even as she spoke, more monks appeared. Emma was hopelessly outnumbered. Plus these new monks were dressed in slightly cooler outfits with a red stripe on their hoods, so they were clearly the more advanced 2nd round of fighters.

"There's too many of them," Kim said. "Let me help."

"Just save Zayn," Emma shot back. "I've got this."

Emma turned and ran, launching herself at the monks. Emma was quickly surrounded--Kim could no longer see her and desperately wanted to help, but shook her head and cast Open Lock 🔓, opening the doors. They ran inside and quickly closed the doors behind them.

Kim and Michael and Zayn found themselves in a room that was startling clean and white. It looked more like an operating room than a warlock's temple. So sterile and bright. It was odd to think that the spells behind some of 1Ds greatest hits had been conducted here, of all places.

The boys--Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall--were all floating in the air, laid out on their backs, aligned in the cardinal directions. They were surrounded by a small group of hooded monks chanting in unison, low and quiet, the unintelligible words appearing like sparks at their lips and floating up over the boys like animate smoke.

Kim had to do something--she wasn't sure what, exactly--before they completed the ceremony.

"Hey....stop?" Kim said, a little too quietly.

Nothing happened.

"I hereby order this ceremony to stop? As Kim of House Kardashian I decree it?"

Still nothing.


Aaaand still nothing.

"I'm not 100% sure what to do here," Kim confided to Michael. "I can take the monks out so they stop chanting but that could screw up the boys and cause permanent damage."

"LeT m3 he1p," Zayn said hoarsely, still slung over Michael's back.

Michael quickly set Zayn down on the ground.

Zayn was shaky on his feet but he shuffled unevenly over to where Harry was hovering. He reached up, touching Harry's arm, and said: "U goTta h3lp mE / iM l0SiNg mY m1Nd."

Harry opened his eyes, Liam and Louis and Niall opened their eyes, the monks ceased their incantation mid-syllable, and all at once the spell broke. At which point the four boys floating in mid-air suddenly stopped floating, and plummeted to the floor, landing horribly on their backs and sides.

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