Chapter 53: Loose Threads

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Kim led the witches and the boys out of the caves. The tunnels opened up behind a giant statue of a random dude in a tunic, which stood in the center of Florence. Kim used the Flexed Biceps emoji and knocked it over like BOOM, SYMBOLISM, BITCHES.

Kim climbed over it and blinked back the sunlight, looking around, taking everything in, as the boys filed out behind her and out onto the plaza.

In the distance she could see the ruins of Cassio's former villa. The spells he had forced Ash to weave were now broken, revealing the villa for what it truly was: the very old and evil ruins of a scary-looking castle. But on the plus side, the sun was shining for the first time in forever, and there was a peppy Italian waltz playing in the background, and it felt like even if things weren't perfect, they were definitely in the process of going back to the way they should be. With the selfies having destroyed and erased the worst of the men, all the K-Star energy that had been locked up inside them by Cassio's experiments had been released back into the world. Things were definitely on the mend. Kim breathed for what felt like the first time since she'd arrived back in KKHollywood.

The boys were all cheering and laughing and hugging each other, super psyched to be free. There was a row of tiny cars parked nearby and Channing Tatum jumped up on top of them and began dancing with joy, popping and locking and hip-thrusting in time to the Italian music. His gyrations sent money and energy flying out of the cars and bouncing across the paving stones.

"CHANNING, NO. GET DOWN," Kim yelled at him. Although secretly she was very pleased, because watching Channing Tatum dance is a gift beyond measure and she was like Wave emoji. But it was the principle of the thing.

"Don't touch anything!" Kim said. "I'm finally getting this world back to how I want it, don't screw it up or act out. You're not staying."

"Sorry, Kim," Channing Tatum said, folding his hands and bowing his head.

"Seriously! That goes for everyone! Everyone be polite and nice and quiet. Be GOOD boys."

"We will," all the boys said.

"Thank you," Kim said, taking out her phone. "Now everyone be cool for a second, no wandering off or touching anything or humping things. I need to find you some clothes." The boys examined the torn and dirty rags that barely covered their bodies and nodded in agreement.

Kim swiped her phone and pointed the speaker towards her face.

"What you need, hooka?" Regalia answered.

"Hi Regalia! Where are you, I need your help," Kim said.

"Calabasas. We're doing a pop-up at the Kardash here."

"Who's we?"

"Kourtney. And me. Mostly me. We're showing off the new clothing line I've been air quotes helping her with."

"Whoa that was fast," Kim said.

"It's been 8 hours, the normal amount of time."

"OK well get excited," Kim said. "Because I'm bringing CHANNING I SAID NO HUMPING ANYTHING, GET DOWN!"

"...Umm everything OK? Who's humping what now?" Regalia asked.

"I'm bringing you a present, just sit tight," Kim said, hanging up.


A few minutes later, everyone was on the plane, en route to LAX.

There were a few minor kerfuffles as they boarded--Drake and Jensen Ackles got into a thing about who deserved the window seat; Dan Howell and Nicholas Hoult argued over who got to sit next to Tom Hardy--but eventually Kim got everyone settled down and reasonably happy.

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